01 June 2009

Lost Boys *gulp* THREE!!

I CAN'T believe it! A third Lost Boys movie. The second one was... dreadful. The only good thing was Corey Feldman, and the homages to the original. The rest - the acting, the casting, and PLOT - was ASS!!
So, number 3...

Quoted here: Jamison Newlander has also been cast! We've learned exclusively that veteran TV writer Evan Charnov (Fearless) has been tapped to pen the screenplay for The Lost Boys 3, Warner Premiere's next direct-to-disc sequel to the classic teen-vamp film from 1987. In addition, Corey Feldman has come on to executive produce and will also return once again as Edgar Frog. We're told this film will actually focus on Feldman's popular character (thank God). Corey Haim's return as Sam Emerson is highly, highly unlikely at this point in time.

If it concentrates on the Frogs and Sam Emerson there may be a chance that this will the sequel we actually wanted to see (as opposed to 'The Lost Boys: The Tribe').

I won't hold my breath...

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