12 June 2009

Text Speak... NO!

Every now and then something really makes me rant (it's been suggested to me that I do a 'and that really grinds my gears' segement like Peter from Family Guy!).

I don't watch TV at all at the moment. All the shows I like I get from the net (without ads and without waiting for NZ to catch-up). However, I walked past the TV when it was on and I saw an announcment screen for what was coming up next on TV2. I was horrified to see they were using 'text speak' e.g. NXT - Shortland Street, or the worst one, TON (for tonight). Text-language is bad enough, but TVNZs weren't even logicial (who uses "TMW" for tomorrow?!)

I had a mini-rant to Rich about how crap that was, and that the youth-of-today text speak was rampant enough as it was; we don't need to encourage it further on prime TV. I am sure I sounded like a complete grumpy-nana, but I said my 3 minute piece, then moved on.

I saw this on the stuff.co.nz the other day. Apparently due to huge public outcry since the text-speak promos started, they are being pulled! I laughed out loud. My favourite line (man, it's so smart-ass) comes from the TVNZ people: "We have learned in that period that vowels are extremely important to New Zealanders."

Anyway, good job!

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