03 June 2009

TV Goss

From Entertainment Weekly

On the possibility of a Veronica Mars movie:
At last weekend's Saturn Awards, Kristen Bell told us, "I don't think it will ever happen, and here's why: [Series creator] Rob Thomas and I had a powwow, and we were both 100 percent on board. We took our proposal to Warner Bros. and Joel Silver told us that there is no enthusiasm [there] to make a Veronica Mars movie, and that is unfortunately a roadblock we cannot compete with." But -- like the rest of us, I suspect -- she isn't giving up hope. "Maybe if we bombard them with letters?" she suggests. "Maybe [then] they will change their tune." What are you waiting for, a written invitation from Veronica Mars herself? Start bombarding Warner Bros. with letters!

On Mekhi Phifer and/or Jennifer Beals appearing again on Lie to Me next season:
Mekhi has been promoted to a series regular, while Jennifer will continue to recur as Lightman's ex. As far as new casting goes, we'll meet Lightman's longtime rival, an on-camera expert in the same field.

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