11 July 2009

Australia & a stormy night

Yesterday the weather was beautiful. The sun helped to take some of the bite out of the cool winter air. Today was a whooole other story! Stormy and wet; grey and rainy all day.

That didn't stop an early morning movie (Transformers 2) and a quick nip around Queen Street, before hunkering down under a blanket with a few DVDs back at home. Watched: The Spirit (bit of a hoot; cheesy), and Australia.

I kinda wanted to see Australia when it was showing at the movies, then all the average reviews came out and I lowered its priority. I don't always believe what critics say (make your own mind up and all that), and maybe it's the mood I'm in, but I liked Australia. Epic and beautiful. I was pleasantly suprised when 'Such Great Heights' by Postal Service (and the great cover by Iron & Wine) was strummed on a banjo in the middle of the outback. The sweet tune of that song makes a couple of tiny appearances in the film.

Anywho, it's freezing! I'm going to rebundle-myself-up and watch Charlie Bartlett (which has been at the top of my DVD list for AGES).

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