30 August 2009

Wish I never saw the sun shine

Hello. It's been a while. I've been going crazy with the random posts of goss and such, but I thought it was about time I wrote something myself... Not that my goss is anywhere near as exciting as, say, Robert Downey Jr potentially playing Lestat in a new vamp movie hehe

I'm just going to start with 1st August, cos I guess that's when my goss starts ;)

That week has been dubbed 'The Week From Hell' (TWFH) - I was tired, depressed, grumpy, had a flight to Napier, got fucked over by the CHCH office (my boss was on my side though)... Everything just snowballed until I was a mess.

Saturday 1st August was all about moping in the aftermath of the week. However, I had the White Lies concert. Can I just say I was sooooo not in to going. Yes, I bought the tickets, and a week ago (before TWFH) I was uber-excited.

I tell you, it was an effort. I was running super late for dinner at my friend's - which made me more upset (headless chicken, flapping about...)

But once I got to Jo's: good company, wine, tunes, laughs. TWFH started to fade just a little...

The gig itself was a blast - I drank too much, too fast. The NZ opening act, Collapsing Cities, had been getting a heap of airplay on bfm, so I was into them.

Yes, I met a Boy; it's always when you least expect it. I think the Ryan Adams t-shirt was a sign... Anyways, I don't just met random people - that doesn't normally happen to me.

As it turns out, the group of us headed to the bar next door for the 'after party'. It ended up being really great night.

So, its now 30th August; a month since TWFH:
  • Shared two bottles of Sake on a Monday night (well, there were only two of us, so I guess we had a bottle each!). Note to self: Mondays aren't the best nights for sake-overload.

  • I got a free facial from the place downstairs from work (thanks to a purchase of two Joyce Blok facial products. I am digging the NZ, mostly natural face care - it's a good price too). Anyways, it was my second ever facial, and divine!

  • I saw 'Harry Potter' (the first 12 minutes in 3D). It was 'ok'; seriously, just ok.

  • 'GI Joe' - cheese-on-toast hilarity. Had a good laugh; very entertained

  • I've brunched in Kingsland/Mt Albert, and bumped into an ex-work colleague. It was strange talking with her (she was a bit of a trouble maker), but nice to see her again.

  • I saw 'Drag Me To Hell' - loved it. Black comedy - the way I like my horror.

  • Lunched/caught up with another Colliers ex. It was her bday so we celebrated that too.

  • Spent a Friday night, drinking, eating cheap thai, and then heading to a see a Beatles cover band. Honestly, not as bad as it sounds. Turned into an awesome night (again, a little too much wine). Ended on a very low note, but I won't go into that.

  • Had my first massage - work organised a '$15 for 15 minutes' deal with the place downstairs. It was pretty nice... Not sure if I am a convert though.

  • Got my hair cut and coloured. Nice.

  • Spent three nights in Christchurch to celebrate Angela's 30th birthday. Yes, she was *truly* surprised to see me, and we all had a fab time hanging out over the weekend. We saw 'District 9' on the Friday night (AWESOME) and ate out at a tiny, but delicious, Italian restaurant. Saturday was Angela's afternoon tea followed by Cocktails bday party. All went really well (bar the blocked drains... that's another story!).

  • Saw 'Inglourious Basterds' for free (thanks Jo!). Loved it (I am Tarantino biased though).

  • Chilled out with wine, cheap thai, and Jack Black (on the DVD). I great why to unwind with a friend after a long week.

  • Introduced an 'Arrested Development' virgin to the show. Turns out it's still funny to me on the fourth or so viewing. I just have to try not to laugh too soon or I spoil the jokes!

It's a gloomy Sunday here in the city. Bat for Lashes on my mp3 player has ticked through a whole heap of 'B' named artists - now on Beth Orton...

Those who care, it turns out Benediction is still pretty good when it comes to savoury scones (no date ones in sight though). I had a nice Sunday brunch there today (with said Boy).

Next week brings with it: two hours of being a buddy to two Uni students (honestly, what I can teach them I have NO idea - why do I always get picked for these things?! The best thing is I actually have to give them SIX hours; I just thought I'd knock off two tomorrow), seeing a friend of a friend sing at The Dog's Bollix, a potential visit to the Auckland Art Gallery on Saturday (turns out the Boy may be cultured hehe - it was his idea!)... Who knows what else!


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