13 September 2009

Bite Me

I've always been interested in vampires. Empire Blog question the rise in vampire love (but apparently this all started with True Blood, Twilight, and Buffy... I argue this "vampire thing" isn't a "these days" phenomenon; it's been there for a looooong time, hollywood is just jumping on the bandwagon with dollar signs in their eyes).

Read about it here.

On that note, I just finished watching the pilot episode of 'The Vampire Diaries'. I read the books (there were four of them then) about 15 years ago... People have been drawing strong comparisons between these books and 'Twilight'. The TV show was completely Twilight-esque. Very teen. However, the soundtrack rocked (Bat for Lashes, White Lies just to name two tracks).
Basic plot: Gorgeous yet tragic Elena (both parents lost to a car accident 5 months ago) is strangely attracted to the mysterious new boy at school, Stefan Salvatore. Yes, he is a vampire. Enter Damon Salvatore, Stefan's older and way more evil vampire brother... Elena is a dead-ringer for Katherine, a girl both (?) loved in 1870s... Let the drama begin!
So far all it has going for it is: vampires, great music, and Kevin Williamson (screenwriter best known for Dawson's Creek, Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Faculty). I *might* risk watching episode 2...

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