10 September 2009

Boy oh Boy

[I interrupt this post to bring an UPDATE: I called and spoke with Boy. He seems happy with my alternative. We are road-tripping to the Coromandel the first weekend of October. I am still scared, but in a 'feel the fear and do it anyway' kinda way]

So, I've had the last two days off work. I am such a wuss (and have no sick leave left), but I have been fighting off something for a week now. I thought I kicked it over the weekend, but Tuesday I wake with spinning head, nausea... Possibly sinus? I don't know. Anyways, yesterday I was miserable... today I'm miserable, but slightly less so... I've spent both days in bed :(

I did finish watched all of 'Freaks & Geeks', which helped cheer me up. Now I am in mourning as I have no more to watch (and James Franco really doesn't wash his hair the whole time hehe).

I also figured out how to deal with "weekend away". See I was getting all stressed: it was short notice and flights were expensive... I'd have to go with him during the week (which is fine for him as he is on holidays, but it would mean more time off work for me)... I tell you, I've been freaking.

Then it hit me - I just have to be honest (not that I've been lying), and I came up with a solution/alternative. We still go away for the weekend, but let's start with a road trip. The weekend away would be less pressure (we could stay somewhere relaxing), and we could see if we can coexist during separate things (but together)... It's still going to be fun, but instead of getting all expensive and touristy in Welly, we can sit at the beach, go for walks, read, watch DVDs...

So, believe it or not, and don't laugh, the majority of this was relayed through text messages - he's at school and can't talk, but kept demanding dates for flights! I promised to call him tonight... so, in maybe an hour, I am phoning him...

I can't see any reason why his feelings would be hurt, or he would be mad... I've been upfront from the start (and never actually got to say: "Yes I'll come". I said "Let me think on it" and somehow that turned into: "Yes I'll come"!), and I've given an alternative that still allows us to spent a whole weekend together.

Ok, yes, as you can see I am still freaking a little bit. Feeling slightly feverish doesn't help either. Good luck me.

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