19 September 2009

New Moon Soundtrack

Regardless of the contents of the books or the movie (the movie is better than the books in my opinion), the contents of the soundtracks are bloody surprising - and good!

The first Twilight soundtrack, excluding a few songs, is actually pretty cool. And the announcements for the second movie, 'New Moon', are even cooler.

Representatives for The Killers and Grizzly Bear have confirmed that each will be included on the "Twilight Saga: New Moon" soundtrack, according to an article in the New York Times.

"New Moon" music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas, who also crafts the music playlists behind "Gossip Girl" and "Grey's Anatomy," sat down with the newspaper to chat about crafting the tracklist, which will be revealed unto the world tomorrow (Sept. 18).

Patsavas declined to comment on the two above mentioned bands, and mentioned she was "confident" that Thom Yorke, Bon Iver and Band of Skulls -- three acts that "New Moon" director Chris Weitz exclusively revealed to HitFix as participants -- would be in the final cut.

"This is a much more somber movie than 'Twilight,'" Patsavas said of the first film. "There is a lot of love lost, so the artists that are going to make up the soundtrack reflect that longing - a lot of acoustic instruments, a lot of a cappella singing. This soundtrack definitely feels a bit more indie than the last one."

Full article here

Interesting - the music on 'Gossip Girl' and 'Grey's Anatony' tends to be cool too! (GG is a guilty pleasure of mine)

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