21 September 2009


I actually had a really good weekend - yes, it went too fast they always do, but I shouldn't complain.

I managed to leave work on Friday a little early (people started boozing at 4pm). At home, we cleaned the house (highly recommend getting this chore out of the way before the weekend), and then showered, dressed for my date.

We had yummy Japanese at Taiku in Kingsland. Unfortunately our service was crap - yes, they were busy, but when you can see people who arrived after you getting great service and leaving before you it sucks (plus my meal came out 15-20 mins after his, and that is still after waiting an hour for mains... His starter came *after* his main!). The food & sake was delicious though.

We had a wee wander around Kingsland and settled on having a drink at Ruby bar (his friends own it). I liked the decor, though the bar itself probably only had 8 people (it wasn't even 10:30pm yet).

My slightly spinny head and dry mouth the next morning told me I drunk more than I realised! The upside of this is I slept four whole hours in a row with him next to me (I usually sleep terribly).

After lounging around a while he left, and I did washing and pottered, until I got a text from Jo. I bussed into town - we had a quick catch-up, wandered up to Real Groovy then up to K'Road and Iko Iko. I walked home afterwards (invigorating!).

Rich and I went for a drive to Howick (he needed to borrow some liquors for a tiramisu) to see Mum - we hung for a few hours, watching some of the MTV music awards (yay for Muse live!!).

On the way home we stopped and got my *favourite* chicken on rice w salad and hummus from the best kebab place (Panmure). Awesomeness.

Sunday I pottered (Internet, reading etc)... It was a quiet but lovely day just relaxing at home. At 5:30pm the whole fam + Italian son + Dave's g/f turned up for dinner at Gina's. We had a nice, but extremely LOUD, meal. The wine was a highlight... Huntaway Sav, reserve if I remember correctly (I am going to look out for it again!!). The Italian son have his meal the thumbs up ("typical of pasta from Southern Italy").

Back at our place the seven of us tucked into a HUGE and delicious Rich-made tiramisu...

Great night! Great weekend!

Random Notes:

* Loving - Bowerbirds (alt-folk tunes), Dove's Green Tea & Cucumber range (I swear, its awesome. I have the deodorant, moisturiser, and shower gel), planning for weekend away, that Animal Collective are coming, Dr Horrible to perform a song at the Emmys

* Not Loving - Overdue library books and the ensuing fines, bad service at restaurants

PS: It's HG Wells birthday (if he was still alive) - one of the 'Fathers of Sci-Fi'. Thanks Google.

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