10 September 2009

Welcome Back Ryan Adams!

Looks like Ryan Adam's self-imposed break from music is over. I've missed his often crazy and constant internet banter, whether it's on his twitter, you tube channel, website, or facebook.

Finally he has started talking and, most importantly, RECORDING again.

Evidence #1
Ryan Adams, Foggy (I've already watched 3 or so different videos on the old school TV)

Evidence #2
Ryan Adams - Vimeo (Here is where the videos feed from I think. At least they have previous ones posted here and they are all recent!)

Happy Birthday from Ryan Adams on Vimeo.

Evidence #3
He's started his own record label called Pax-Am, and his first official digital release will be 'Lost and Found'/'Go Ahead and Rain', 11 September. Looks like this will also be on vinyl (which is not relevant for me, but hey, yay for him!)

Evidence #4
Ok, so this is not anything to do with him returning to music. He's got two books under is belt, and is now the Morrisons Hotel's (Gallery) First Artist in Residence. The showing of his work starts 23 September at the NYC galley. Thumbnails of his work below.

Evidence #5
Again, not music related, but this video game column he wrote for Awl is hilarious, and again reminded me how much I've missed his rants.

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