06 September 2009

Where is my mind?

I think I'm supposed to be excited to be asked to go away for the weekend with a Boy. Instead I feel a bit... well, in a word, "freaked". Of course things are only what you make them; if I make this a big deal, then it is. A mini-break to Wellington will be fun... won't it?

*sigh* Stupid freaked brain.

On the plus side, the weekend has been GLORIOUS - the sunshine is incredible, and there is that crisp, cool, spring air. I'm considering a walk down K'Road... or staying here to lie in the sun with the possibility of a sleep... I'm feeling lazy after brekky at Benediction (hilarity: orders getting fucked up all over the show. I felt so sorry for the waitress!! It was a royal mess!!)

Yesterday I went to the Auckland Art Gallery - for the first time in years. The gallery itself is being renovated, so all the exhibits more moved to the smaller 'new gallery'. When the old one is redone (to become the 'new new gallery' I guess hehe) it will be awesome - gotta wait until 2010 though.
Anyways, there was an early NZ art showing (Goldie and such), and a Rita Angus exhibition (which I really really liked!!).

Today is of course Father's day here, so its off to see the fam for a BBQ tonight - bloody perfect weather for the first "summer" BBQ.

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