14 October 2009

'Social networking'

Ok, so I was all set to post a proper real post, I promise. I even have some random pics to upload (no, not of me, of *things*). Instead I have run out of time (must get an early night tonight) and find myself wanting to 'vent', per say, about something entirely different.

(ed: I am also getting distracted by downloading twitterberry app to my crackberry - I am quite into twitter now, no matter how geeky that is :P Like it better than FB)

Hmm, ok, so where was I?! Right 'social networking'. I've been vocal (not here, but inperson) about my dislike of facebook (though I participate). Lately, I've been getting into twitter - I like to blog, and twitter gives me 140 characters to say whatever I want, from my PC or mobile. This concept appeals to me more than fb does - twitter doesn't have to be status updates, but it does go to whoever is following you; like a global text to all your friends. I wish more of my friends twittered (hint hint, become a twit like me ;P)

Anyway, I really only follow celebrities/bands, as none of my friends twitter... Random people have added me, and some of them I have removed (spammers etc).

But today I got an email that a certain texas cowboy was 'following me' on twitter. Those of you in the know will have my reaction, which was an audible gasp, followed by a mental "WTF?!" (I was at work; not about to yell outloud).

It's the ease of which it occurred: 'so-and-so is now following you on twitter' - not even a personal message from him after that. After all these years (friends, then nothing... years pass.... friends again, the nothing... years pass. I honestly have LOST COUNT now), to be casually added, like he now wants to see my tweets.

What about a "OMG, hi... how's it going?" or a "Howdy stranger, s'up?". *sigh*

Ok, vent over. That's all. It's just... well, I won't be dramatic (maybe I covered that base already), but I guess I'm conflicted - it's that ol'emotional thing. Do I really have the energy to be that friend again? How can I not be? Friends get over this sort of thing, that's why they are friends.

I can't help but wonder what Mrs Cowboy will think of him 'following me' though. I got the impression she was ok with our friendship at some point, yet... a bad taste lingers.

How long will this friendship last? Do I take bets? Or am I just being mean and bitter now?! Yeah, I am, I apologise - I did say the vent/rant was over.

Comments, thoughts... hellllllooooooooo?? *listens to the echo of her own voice*

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