28 November 2009

Pearl Jam Afterglow

(Updated 28 Nov - Photos added)
The concert last night was legen--dary! Bloody awesome. Pearl Jam played for 2.5 hours, with Liam Finn, and Ben Harper playing an hour each beforehand. One of the highlight for me was during the Ben Harper set - Eddie Vedder came on and they played a cover of 'Under Pressure' together. It was incredible.

01. Daughter
02. Severed Hand
03. Corduroy
04. Hail Hail
05. Faithfull
06. Hold On
07. Even Flow
08. Johnny Guitar
09. Unthought Known
10. Unemployable
11. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
12. Black
13. Given To Fly
14. Amongst The Waves
15. Got Some
16. Grievance
17. Wasted Reprise
18. Better Man

19. Just Breathe
20. Red Mosquito (with Ben Harper)
21. Love, Reign O'er Me (The Who cover)
22. Do The Evolution
23. Why Go
24. Porch

Encore 2:
25. Not Given Lightly (Chris Knox cover) (with Neil & Liam Finn)
26. The Fixer
27. Rockin' in the Free World (Neil Young cover)
28. Yellow Ledbetter

Video (more for the music than the picture)

Review [stuff]


(ed: the only beer available to buy?! Westie Lion Red! Made me feel slightly sick, and want to put a rusty car with no wheels on my lawn!)

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