24 November 2009

The Real World

It's been a while (again!). But, yes, it's me, with some real news from my real world. Ok, it's not really "news" - I don't want to hype things up unrealistically! Let's break this down:

I don't watch any TV. But I do watch TV shows... just not on TV. Lately I've been enjoying:

[Bones Season 5 - new eps are fun, though the will they/won't they between Booth and Brennan is getting a little tired] [Lie to Me Season 2 - still brilliant. Love Tim Roth] [The Vampire Diaries Season 1 - ok, ok, I tried the first episode and loved the soundtrack, but thought the show was soap opera Twilight styles... Then somehow I watched 9 more episodes. Whoops] [Dexter Season 4 - fantastic! I thought it might get old, but this season's plots are great. John Lithgow is super-creepy as 'The Trinity Killer'] [Project Runway Season 6 - my only reality show guilty pleasure. Not as exciting as other seasons (as far as personality clashes go), but I'm still enjoying it] [Gossip Girl Season 3 - another guilty pleasure. This season doesn't "pop" much, but there have been a few fun moments. I'll keep watching] [How I Met Your Mother Season 1 & 2 - I'm a late starter on this one, but always knew I'd like it. And I love it. Sat down last weekend and seriously knocked down, like, 20 odd episodes! I'll be catching up to the current season soon I am sure]

Not surprisingly I haven't gotten around to watching the following - they are waiting for me when I do have time: Nurse Jackie Season 1, Breaking Bad Season 2, V (reboot), Californication Season 3

Had a wee run on movies (listed on my Movie 2009 page). Ones I feel like mentioning: [Julie and Julia - totally cute and well done. Made me want to read the books again. Even my Dad liked this film] [Away We Go - I've read 2 star reviews for this film, but I really enjoyed it. Great cast, soundtrack, story. One of those touching funny romantic quirky films]

Again, I have a stack of DVDs I have yet to watch, so many in fact that I am not going to go into it here! (e.g. Angels and Demons, Duchess, The Edge of Love, The Visitor, Brideshead Revisited...)

Lots of new stuff has me on my toes (dancing?). I must be almost ready for a new/another mix tape! High rotation at the moment: [New Moon Soundtrack - I am still stunned and mind-boggled at the awesomeness of the bands that got on this soundtrack!] [Massive Attack EP - totally grown on me] [Fever Ray - had no idea the chick from The Knife made a solo album! Bloody great!] [500 Days of Summer Soundtrack - great mix of new and old tracks by a mix of artists] [The XX - subtle and enchanting. Hope to see them live in Feb 2010]

Not on high rotation, but worth a mention: Karen O & The Kids (Where the Wild Things are Soundtrack), Mumford & Sons, Editors (In This Light and On This Evening)

It's all going ok. I am mostly busy and/or bored. I finished a big project for Marketing (apparently they were too busy), and have just been recruited for an ongoing Marketing job (gathering together and writing deal summaries, checking them, then sending them to be published). I don't mind that job so much as the person I am helping by doing this is wonderful and very grateful.

A couple of weeks ago I got nominated and won our monthly staff thingy - $150 voucher was greatly appreciated! Plus it's nice to be acknowledged!

Also, I've been moved again (aka voted off the Island... nah!). My desk is now waaaay down the other end of the office. I now sit with Marketing and Research (who I have sat with before, but there have been staff changed). It's ok actually - a lot quieter, which is good. And sitting with other admin people like me is fun. I do miss sitting next to Jo and across from Ronald - we had our own little foibles and traditions (like Lolly Friday).

I've been getting over an illness for a while now (I put up with a sore throat and feeling miserable for over a week, then went to the doctor). Antibiotics helped a bit I think, but I still have a ghost of a sore throat now (it's been 18 days).

Anyways, that has stopped me from living it up Lindsay Lohan styles (ermmm). I have managed to see a few movies, go out to dinners, catch-up with friends, and hang with Rob.

Rob, who's facebook alert email made me shout "OH MY GOD!" earlier this week. What's with a relationship request anyways?! "Rob has requested that you add him as your boyfriend". LOL. I accepted it and immediately caused a ruckus on FB; I've never had so many "likes" before! So now the FB world knows. (Ed: interesting that it was him that started the "What sort of rel/ship are we" conversation on our weekend away a while back, and is now the one to declare us to FB. Actually, it's not really that interesting, and it's not that surprising given my 'it is what it is, take it a day at a time' attitude).

Ok, so it's obviously very sweet. I'm not freaking out. I was just surprised at seeing the request. I'm flattered, and it's cute. And it's true - we are in a rel/ship.

On that note, a gorgeous and jealously-inspiring bunch of tulips were delivered to my work for me last Friday. The note simply said: I hope you are having a lovely day. It's the first time Rob has given me flowers and it was wonderful :)

Of course, all this means things with Rob and I are going very well. We click. He is so sweet to me. We haven't had a fight (yet).

And this is all for now - I'm excited about having this Friday off and going to Pearl Jam! I've also got Animal Collective coming up, Rob's department dinner (he asked me to go with him), my admin lunch, work xmas party (did I mention I've been roped into organising it?! Bloomin marketing grrr), the annual admin treat (I'm getting a work sponsored pedicure again)... Busy is good though.

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