03 December 2009

Difficult Difficult Lemon Difficult

The office is almost empty. It's rainy and grey outside, but today is our charity golf day. I'm not involved (a blessing), which leaves me at work, surrounded by 30-odd empty desks. There are perhaps 6 people on this floor.

I'm a little off task (due to the general ghost-town feel of this place). I kinda wish I could just skive off home (I'll probably leave early), but it's nice to be able to just do my own thing in the office, without being interrupted (I get to blog etc, which is completely unwork-related!)

Due to dead office, I did get to go through my BRAND NEW 2010 diary. I took quiet-bliss in filling in all the birthdays, anniversaries, concerts I have so far, and holidays (I'm a geek).

This week has been generally less busy, though I have been roped into organising the staff xmas party (STRESS!!!).

I managed to see 'New Moon' again (with a twihard friend, and a friend who hadn't seen it yet). We had fun hanging out, and seeing it a second time wasn't so bad.

Last night Rob came over for dinner. We got Thai take-out across the street, drank wine, and watched 'In The Loop' ("It's going to be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy" "No, it's going to difficult-difficult-lemon-difficult"). It was nice to have a lowkey night. Really nice :)

Unfortunately I was super-stressed and tired yesterday evening before Rob arrived, and I had a meltdown :( Went into crazy-lady tidying and yelling at poor Rich. Then there were tears! Talk about irrational female behaviour (although some of the reasons I was upset were completely valid). Everything is sorted for now though.

Tomorrow night Rich and I are hosting the last 'Project Runway' watching marathon (to the end of Season 6). In addition to great viewing, fun company, and alcohol, we have planned a great menu (aka Rich has planned a great menu. It's not that I don't cook; it's that he loves to cook so much he mostly does it).

I am hoping to catch 'Where the Wild Things Are' at the cinema on Saturday sometime (already saw 'Zombieland' - it rocked!!). I also need to make this years Xmas cards (big job), tidy our under-the-stairs-cupboard (bigger job), read library books, watch some DVDs that need to be sent back, and hopefully finish off the last of my Xmas shopping.

Next week is looking CRAZY; something every night! Movies on Monday ('Valentino: The Last Emperor'), Animal Collective concert Tuesday (YAY!), Dinner with Danielle Wednesday (yum), Dinner with Rob's work Thursday (*gulp* and *eek*), and a work lunch on Friday (which will no doubt lead into afternoon drinking...).

That's all for now I think. Should really get back to work.

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