02 January 2010


Well, here we are. Another year. I'm just enjoying being on holiday - no work for 2 weeks = bliss!

The weather has mostly been good to us in Auckland - today is gloriously sunny (though hot hot hot; skin blisteringly so!). I'm just fine sitting with the doors open, a cool breeze blowing through the house (I might have to brave the sun soon though - need to hunt & gather some lunch up!).

Xmas was lovely - great start, middling middle, and nice ending. The five of us had a family champagne brekky at the homestead and opened presents. Everyone seemed to be super-happy with their gifts, and we had a relaxing and fun time just hanging out.

We all headed out west for Xmas lunch - that was ok... but the least enjoyable part of the day (we're all trying to plan an Xmas this year that doesn't include the middle meal - honestly, who needs all that food?!)

For the evening we we went from west to north for dinner with Mum's sister - I got detained by my cousin to play Wii... which I think we did almost the whole time (pausing briefly for a BBQ, then pavlova dessert).

Boxing Day and a day or two after gave us a reprieve from all the food and drink - I spent it mostly watching DVDs (and caught up on all of Californication season 3), a brief shopping trip, and catching up with friends (hung out talking with Alex and Mark for 5 hours!!).

Angela and Paul have been up from Christchurch staying since 29th (they go home tonight). We've had a pretty quiet time - dinners, a trip to the movies; just chillaxing.

New Years Eve was low key - the four of us, plus Mum and Dad dropped in to watch the fireworks (at the Sky Tower, which we can see from my place). Unfortunately Rob has been sick the whole time, so no time with him (and no kiss at New Years midnight :( ). It's quite possible that A & P think he is a figment of my imagination!

On that note, Rob and I were supposed to go away 4th Jan, home 8th, but it will probably be more like 5th or 6th now, as he needs to get better. Hopefully we can get away for a couple of nights (planning on going up north).

Anyway I guess that is all for now - just a quick summary of the last week or so.

Happy New Year!

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