22 February 2010

Awards Cocktail Function 2010

Friday night was my work's annual Awards night. Previous years it has been a formal sitdown dinner (post here). This year, in light of cutting costs, it was an Awards Cocktail Function (still black tie, no cocktails, no dinner, but free bubbly/wine/beer and nibbles).

Leigh and I decided to get ready together like last year. She had her make-up done by MAC, then we went to my place. I got mine done at D'aguiar across the road while Leigh did her own hair (bless ex-hairdressers). When I got home, she wacked the hot rollers in my hair, while we both sipped bubbly. She did a lovely job on my hair once again *smiles*.

Then it was into our dresses (Leigh had bought a beautiful olive green long dress, while I wore my bridesmaid dress from D's wedding). Once Rob arrived we all departed for Hopetoun Alpha.

The place was packed - everyone looked so glammed up! We mingled, had some bubbly, checked out the nibbles. Around 8:30pm the official awards part started. They kept it moving pretty fast - no long speeches. I was so proud of all the winners (especially for Admin and EA/Support - they're my peeps).

The last award of the night is the Director's Award, which can go to anyone in the office. Like some of the other awards, nominations are put forward and then the Director's discuss. The difference with this award, is the winner gets to go on the 'Club Trip' with all the brokers (If a broker earns $300,000 in the year, they get to take their partner with them on the 'Club Trip' - a most-expenses paid trip to a predecided destination).

So, one of the Directors gets up and starts talking... without further ado he says that this person organised the Xmas party (hmmm.... I get a puzzled look on my face... cos, I organised the Xmas party), she saved us $60,000 on postage last year with the NZ post statement of accuracy (ohhhh shiiiiiit... I'm having a mini panic attack, cos that was ME too), and I don't even remember the last thing... something about the database being awesome or whatever.

So, everyone cheered and clapped... and I tried not to cry, while I walked up to the stage and got my award. Most the night is a blur.... and I'm still stunned, because the destination this year is Buenos Aires!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to fricken South America in May for a week give or take, with Rob, pretty much on the company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did escape soon after winning - went outside and called my Mum. As soon as it started ringing I burst out crying... which didn't help as my Dad answered and thought I was in trouble or something!! I blubbered and drunkenly babbled for a bit, before hanging up to fix my makeup (it would be the night I have the blackest eye makeup! Not good for crying).

Anyways, a couple of snaps below, and I'll keep you posted on the Buenos Aires adventure planning.

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