17 February 2010

V Day

(Ed: forgot I had this in draft, but might as well finish it off even though I started it a week ago!)
I am sitting in the Queenstown office - and have been for half an hour or so... My training was booked for 10am, but most the staff are in a meeting (and not with me!). And I've been going since 5:30am this morning *yawns*.

Anyway, thought I'd use this time to write a wee post, since the oh-so-auspicious Valentine's Day has just past. It was Sunday for those of you who missed it. For me, it's been creeping up for a few weeks now... ever since a certain special somebody sat down to dinner with me and said: "So, this Valentine's Day thing is coming up, right? What date is it?". I tested this by promptly saying: "It's the 12th Feb...." All I got was a nod! So, I added: "Dude, are you serious?! It's 14th. Everyone knows that!"

We then had a discussion about if I wanted to do something on that day etc... I stopped it, and said, "Surprise me."

Later the next week I got a cryptic voicemail from said special somebody telling me that we were booked in somewhere lovely for dinner at 6:30pm 14th Feb, and that we were also booked in for a night somewhere - I was instructed to pack a bag, but not to worry, as I could walk to work the next day...

The mystery unfolded once he got excited by the set-menu at our restaurant and emailed it to me! So, I knew it was 'Orbit' for dinner (awesome, never been)... my next deduction was a night at SkyCity Hotel (I was right).

For the next week or more I started to get organised (I know, crazy woman! But I like being organised, and since *he* had gone to so much trouble and expense I kinda wanted to too). I think, like my Dad, that every day should be Valentine's Day with those you care for - but it can be fun to take the time to celebrate on a certain day (I'm not religious, but I celebrate Xmas as time with friends and family). I'm even fairly sure you'll find my poo-poohing V Day in previous year's posts...

Anyways, Sunday came - dinner at Orbit was wonderful (a rose, the slowly revolving view and the food), and our room was lovely! I even gambled for the first time (I put down $20, won $100, then lost it all - bugger! If I hadn't been quite so tipsy I might've come to my senses!). And I dressed up too, which was fun (and it gave my last year's work awards dinner dress it's third ever outing).

It's just a shame we couldn't hang for longer in the room (Monday morning coming around fast, and both of us heading to work bright and early). We had a great time, and it was a special night - we both got spoilt by each other *smiles* (I did kick up a tiny stink at no V Day card - a man of action is awesome, but I like the words too hehe).

Unfortunately, I was like a zombie on Monday.... and didn't sleep well. In fact I got 5 or so hours of sleep, and here I am in the Queenstown office for a full-on day. I'll probably get home at 7:30pm or so *yawns*.

I hope everyone else's Valentine's Day was special in some way. Let me know *smiles*

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