28 March 2010


This week has been long. Monday = class; Tuesday = class; Wednesday = Alice in Wonderland, 3D IMAX; Thursday = Massive Attack concert; Friday = dinner with Parents (who left for the UK Saturday, for a month); Saturday = Dinner and 'The Men Who Stare at Ghosts'; Sunday = RIP! (ended up nipping out for some food, then consuming while watching the new 'Vampire Diaries' episode, followed by old eps of 'HIMYM').

Other snippets: My Destiny's chocolate on Saturday night said 'A special someone will bring excitment into your life'. Old eps of 'HIMYM' are still hilarious on the second or third etc watching. My library book is extremely overdue - I think my fines are past $10 now... I tried to hang up my dressing gown the other night, only for one of the two hooks on the back of my wardrobe door to break. Last night the second hook on the back of my wardrobe door broke when I tried to hung up my dressing gown. I have no hooks now. Bastards. Pafu pafu is not *that* funny... ok, it is, especially when someone else is laughing their asses off over it. My own brother thinks I am 'amazing' - that's pretty cool (but then I had just bought him back a coffee, a giant can of V, half a muffin and half a pecan slice, as a breakfast surprise - yes, I had the other halves! They only had one muffin left - crazy! But then Berry/cream cheese muffin is darn tasty). I'm almost finished my newest mix-tape - its more eclectic than ever I think.

Bedtime now. Night.

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