05 March 2010

Post Script

Ok, I totally forgot to add this. Yesterday I was on twitter (I really like twitter)... more correctly I was on Hootsuite, which I use to tweet (for both my work's twitter and for personal - it's a great management tool; online/web-based and free). What Hootsuite can make very obvious to you, is people 'mentioning' you who you DON'T follow (so you might not see it directly on twitter).

This is how I realised I had been 'mentioned' by Mr Texas Cowboy's wife! For those of you who don't know the history of my penpal, too bad. It's, like a 10 year on/off debacle. I can point you to these previous posts: Social Networking, I Hate (very ominous - it's quite possible I had watched 10 Things I Hate About You just a few too many times...), and Prose or Something Like It. There may be more posts, I don't know.

Anyways, I don't 'follow' Him or Her - but both of them do 'follow' me (on twitter, remember?!). But, because I was using Hootsuite I saw She had mentioned me with this tweet - '@insaneheadspace who wants visitors from houston tx in october?!'


He hasn't even bothered to talk to me or communicate in anyway - when He first found me on twitter I sent him my email address- cos it was too weird just getting 140 snippets of his life after not hearing from him for years. When I heard nothing further, I decided not to 'follow' Him. If you don't have time to email me, or give me your own email address so I can email you, then what kind of friend are you? (keeping in mind, our previous friendship was based on IM, email, and the occassional long-distance phonecall). Let alone my rel/ship with Her - which was sketchy and, at the best of times, 'civil'.

Well, I replied - gave Her some tips on NZ etc... Still, WTF?! Am I something They remember when They are bored?!

Over and Out.

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