05 March 2010

Really really ridiculously good news

... a sequel to Zoolander is underway!

"Yes, it is true," said Ben Stiller, star of the 2001 original, when MTV Movies quizzed him on sequel rumours. "The beginning of the [sequel] is [set] 10 years later, and Derek and Hansel are literally forgotten. Nobody even knows who they are, so they have to re-invent themselves."

Stiller added that he's keen to get Will Ferrell — aka flamboyant villain Mugatu — back on board. "If Will says yes, he definitely has to be a part of it... Mugatu is one of the classic screen villains of all time."

SQUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm just slightly excited about this news.

Sounds like Justin Theroux will direct and co-write the script with Ben Stiller (they worked on 'Tropic Thunder' together). There are some rumours that Jonah Hill is going to play the villian, but I'm hoping for a return of Will Ferrell - maybe we'll get both!

IMDB have started a page up - looks like Zoolander 2 will have a 2012 release (let's hope the world doesn't end before this screens :P )

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