07 April 2010

Where did Easter Go?

The long weekend is long over. It felt too short. Not that I achieved much!
I lost a day to sickness, and the rest was spent in a laze. I did manage to see 'Clash of the Titans' 3D, have two dinners with Rob, watch a few DVDs ('Wake up Ron Burgundy', 'Land of the Lost', 'House Bunny' ((Yes, really)), and 'Law Abiding Citizen')... Somehow I didn't eat even *one* easter egg!

This week has blurred - yet at only Wednesday night it feels like it has dragged at the same time. I've been busy at work, and had class after - 2 practice exams (97% and 76%), and my project back (100% whoot whoot!!). Rob had lunch with me today (school holidays for him) - great to hang out, but sucky to have to go back to work afterwards!

The rest of the week is looking as busy - work is crazy, lunches planned for tomorrow and Friday. Off to Howick on Friday night, a Burlesque show Saturday night, then away with Rob for a few days on Sunday - back Tuesday. And six or so weeks until Buenos Aires!

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