12 May 2010

Whinge in a-minor

It never fails to surprise me, how I can travel around to all the same offices, and train most the same people, and surprise THEM with the same things I showed them last time...

That's my minor whinge - obviously I smile and nod and say "Your welcome... isn't it great?!", while my brain is actually going: "You're kidding me right?! It's the SAME thing I showed you?! I'm a frickin broken record!!"

Anyway, it's only 1pm, but with the early start and taxis and flights, it feels like my day should be over... instead I have two large training sessions to go! At least I have a great view of the Wellington Harbour, complete with giant container ships coming and going. The weather is much better here than in Auckland... though I hear it's due to turn to custard too.