18 June 2010

Another Update

I thought it's about time I wrote an entry. I'm just back from Rob's - he took me to dinner last night, bought me roses, and chocolates, and a bottle of wine :) Really sweet. So, I'm in a good mood!

It's been a busy month or so - obviously had my week away in Argentina. I also had a day trip to Napier for work (with my boss for the first time ever - it went well).

Even though it's felt busy, and the time has simply flown, I'm having trouble accounting for all the days!

There has been a lull in concerts - I've got a few bookmarked as ones I'd like to go to, but unfortunately my money tree still hasn't appeared (Band of Horses, The Temper Trap, Passion Pit, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club...). I believe I am getting a Florence and the Machine ticket for my b'day though, so yay! I didn't go to the Laneways Festival here, so I missed seeing her.

As far as new music goes, I've been a bit slack. I haven't managed to get the new Band of Horses, The Dead Weather, or ... goddamnit I can't remember the other new album... Anyways, I haven't got them onto my mp3 player yet. I've been listening to them a lot on my PC though - THE EDITORS!! That was the other new album - I really love their new album. It's awesome :) Out of the three aforementioned albums, I think I always end up back on The Editors.

I only just managed to listen to the new Trent Reznor EP, the 'How to Destroy Angels' project - I downloaded it free (thanks Trent!), then forgot where I saved it to. It's fab (I eventually found it) - I've listened to it four of five times; just keep hitting repeat.

I haven't updated my TV page, but I've chewed my through all of season 1 of Fringe, and most of season 2. I like it! Yes, it does have a distinctly 'X-Files' feel, but I liked the 'X-Files', so any comparison is a good one.

The short-lived, 10 episodes, show 'The Unusuals' was another I watched - I seriously dig Amber Tamblyn, and she was great (although always felt slightly too young...) as Detective Casey Shraeger

I've also clocked through a number of season finales lately (of shows that I follow): Glee, Bones, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Breaking Bad, United States of Tara to name a few. I'll miss them, but it frees up my time to catch up on all the movies I've been missing.

Welcome back True Blood and Lie to Me - I've missed them both, so glad to have some new episodes to watch.

The 2010 NZ International Film Festival is just around the corner. I have only flicked through the first 20-odd pages of the guide, and I've already booked about 15 films!! I always get extremely over-excited about the nzff :)

Misc section
My favs: [Simunovich Olive products - the one and only hand cream I use is theirs (I have a tube in my handbag, one at work, and one at home!). I've moved onto their body lotion, and now their shampoo. I recommend it] [Dove Cucumber & Green Tea antiperspirant spray - just a brilliant subtly scented product] [St Ives Apricot Exfoliating Body Wash - delicious and a good price] [Elizabeth Eight Hour tube - every girl needs a tube on hand!] [Stoneleigh Sav Blanc - often on special, but a good buy regardless for a tasty Sav] [Russian Fudge - my fav kind of fudge. Chocolate fudge can go take a flying leap. The thing with russian fudge is, it is really hard to find a good one - the consistency needs to melt in your mouth, and the flavour has to have that golden syrup/brown sugar tang. Problem solved: 'The Sweetest Little Chocolate Shop' on Queen Street stocks the *perfect* russian fudge at 80c a piece. Needless to say I buy in bulk... but only as a special treat of course ;) ] [Scarves - one good thing about winter is its easier to wear scarves, and I don't just mean the warm kind, but all kinds. Mum gave me this gorgeous indian cotton type green scarf that has threads of silver, and other colours all through it. I love this scarf!] [Brand new flannelet PJs - I don't care how unsexy these may appear, but a brand new set of fluffy, cuddly, PJs are simply the best. I just bought a set for half price: white with coloured cats all over. I will wear these proudly. Tease away. It also means I can though away the now-stiff and thread bare old PJs, which are the opposite of awesome.] [Random on my mp3 player. For example: The View - Coming Down, Bodyrockers - I Like the Way, Oren Lavie - Her Morning Elegance, Fink - Six Weeks, Phoenix - Run Run Run, The Decemberists - The Crane Wife, Outkast - Hey Ya!, Bob Dylan - I Want You, M83 - Graveyard Girl, Ladyhawke - Danny and Jenny, Grizzly Bear - Colorado. I couldn't come up with such a playlist!] [Castle Age - wh-wh-what?! Yes, for someone as anti facebook as me, what the hell am I doing playing a facebook game. Unfortunately I like it... ugh.] [Twitter - I really like to tweet, no matter how geeky that sounds. I like it waaaaay better than facebook] [Hugs - can I say that hugs are often underrated? Going without a hug for 2 weeks sucks ass. I like a good hug, especially from my parents - it feels soooo safe. Cheesy I know. Bite me. Rob-hugs are pretty awesome too.]

Ok, enough gratuitous random ranting for one blog entry! What I should be doing is cleaning the house... which is why I am here doing this hehe

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