28 June 2010

Last Week is over

Last week was really horrible for me (just work, stress etc), and by Friday I just wanted to crash with some wine and my PJS...

BUT I went to this dinner at Rob's school (where he also lives). I warmed up once the stress started to melt away (but I wasn't in a good way when I arrived!). Rob had been involved in a Quiz since 4pm - I joined in for the dinner. I had a nice time there for an hour or so (his work colleagues seem nice - mostly outgoing and friendly English teachers), then back to his place for some 'Sons of Anarchy' (I've introduced Rob to the series, and am watching it again with him. We have ONE episode left in season one, before we can move onto the very awesome season two).

Saturday we had brunch together (Trinity of Silver organic deliciousness!), before he dropped me home - that's when all the fun cleaning, tidying, and cooking started! Because, at 5pm-ish, a crowd of four were to descend on Rich and me for nibbles, dinner, and old school vs. new school games :)

We all had a blast! (even if 30 minutes before they were due, the lounge was still a bomb site thanks to my two brothers assembling a TV unit and drilling on doors! Good work, but bad timing!). We played board games first: Cluedo (Mrs White, with the Candlestick, in the Billiard room if you will), Boggle, and Operation (though strictly speaking it wasn't 'old school' as it was the Shrek version!).

Then on to Wii Mario Party 8. I'd never played Mario before - I was more a Giana Sisters gal. We played four player Mario Party games- frickin random stuff!! I think the programmers were surely high when they thought up EVERYTHING! Lots of laughs though :)

Sunday was more of a chill out day - more Wii goodness (in the form of shooting zombies in a gore fest retro-esque game), and a drive over the Shore (it's like another world :P).

Also, it was self-imposed New* Music Sunday, with a heap of new tunes for my listening pleasure, including (*new to me, or new new): Frightened Rabbit, Passion Pit, Sarah McLachlan, Chemical Brothers, She & Him, The Black Keys, LCD Soundsystem, Karen Elson, and Dead Weather.

Anyways, happy Monday - I have a new conditioner to try out... yes folks, that's right - I am excited about this. But remember, it IS a Monday, and I am currently stuck at work... It's the small things...

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