15 August 2010

Whinge of Pain: The Sequel

Ok, downer time again I am afraid.

I did go to the doctors and Optometrist on Friday. The doctor was a waste of time really - more blood tests, and I had to ask for antibiotics (I've been feeling yuck for a month; it's time for the drugs to do some work).

The Optometrists was... scary. My right eye has (and continues) to bug me - it had started to go blurry and there are a heap of floaters that I can see. Sure enough she could see the floaters, as could her colleague - suddenly she was on the phone to a private eye clinic, and when there were no appointments there, on to Greenlane hospital.

I was pretty much stunned as she told me to urgently go to the eye department there, complete with a referral letter, and 5+ hour wait. The fear was my retina was detaching - and this is serious. Here was me thinking the bad news would be that I needed glasses.

So, I ended up at the hospital around 2:30pm... and saw the doctor at 9pm (finally). After many eye-drops, and bright lights, and mirrored contact lenses so he could see further into my eye, NOTHING was found. No one can see anything but the huge amount of floaters (which must be coming from somewhere). He did see some jelly (ick)... but no tears, and no detachment... yet.

So, I was sent on my merry way with the order to come to the retina clinic in two weeks... or to call if I notice my vision going!

Thankfully, my wonderful wonderful mother cancelled her flight to Christchurch (Dad went), and came and waited with me from 5pm onwards :) And, I ended up staying the whole weekend with her, which was lovely - just want I needed in fact.

So, I just have to deal with a blurry eye that makes me nauseous, and in two weeks they look again...

And folks, tomorrow I report for Jury Duty.

Let's hope this doesn't turn into a trilogy...

12 August 2010

Whinge of Pain

This is a long overdue update – and one I didn’t really want to write, but might as well get it all out. Prepare for some major whinging!

Basically, August has been horrid. Though there has been a balance of the normal and the bad, the bad tend to outweigh and overtake the normal. It all started on 1st August; my first anniversary with my man. I’m not going to go into details, other than to note that I set myself up for disappointment (the day was a disaster; crushed). I was an emotional mess for a few days.

Not helping this was another long story that ended up with a broken-into car and vandals that might’ve had our house keys. Cut through the panic and frustration (and a visit to the car myself to try and see if the keys were still there), to the fact that the keys were handed in.

In the middle of all this stress was the Band of Horses concert on Tuesday 3 August – this didn’t suck at all – the opposite. It was a brilliant concert, and my first concert by myself. Still, I sang my heart out and had a blast. I am pleased I didn’t let being alone (or my emotional state) stop me from going.

On top of that has been some frustrations with work, namely people not following the data entry protocols (I know, it sounds wanky and stupid) – but it makes my job suck when people come and ruin the data that we all use. However, I have to say, other than that issue, work has been ok.

Via some well written email, my relationship was saved by around 4th... About when I started feeling really ill. Our work conference was held on 5th and I missed most of it (including the big booze-up 80s themed party due to all the stress and illness).

I should mention at this point, about 2 months ago I woke up and my right eye was funny – a bit blurry, like I needed to blink something away... It’s only gotten worse . I’m getting my eyes checked tomorrow for sure (I’ve had such great eye sight up until now).

Friday I went and got a follow-up blood test – my test from 2 months ago threw up a red flag around my thyroid (I was 4.0... and normal is 0.3 to 4.0, so I was right on the end of having an underactive thyroid).

Saturday 7th I finally got to see ‘Inception’ at the IMAX screen; movie = awesome... throwing up after = baaaad (attributed to me feeling ill and I *think* to my bad eye not agreeing with the huge IMAX screen).

Sunday I spent with my mum, which was lovely. I was still feeling sick – she arrived with a new box of tissues, grapes, mandarins, a calzone for lunch, and 2 bottles of V! We watched ‘Bright Star’ together while knitting and cross-stitching. Lovely.

Monday I stayed home sick. Tuesday I got my results back – 5.2, so I have to go back to the doctor (which I should be doing anyways with the way I am feeling lately).

The rest of the week has been quiet – quiet night at home last night with my man (who turned up with pink roses, which was sweet)... Tonight I am going to see the symphony orchestra play Mozart... But honestly, I just feel miserable.

I just hope that seeing the doctor and having my eyes tested tomorrow will help.

End of Whinge of Pain.

04 August 2010

Band of Horses 03 Aug 2010

I went to the concert by myself at a difficult time, but I managed to lose myself in the music. Loved it!

1. Detlef Schrempf
2. Laredo
3. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
4. Factory
5. Marry Song
6. Older
7. The General Specific
8. The Great Salt Lake
9. Is There a Ghost
10. NW Apt.
11. Weed Party
12. Islands on the Coast
13. Blue Beard
14. Compliments
15. 13 Days (J.J. Cale cover)
16. Our Swords
17. Dilly
18. No One's Gonna Love You
19. Our Swords
20. Monsters

21. Evening Kitchen
22. For Annabelle
23. Wicked Gil
24. Ode to LRC
25. The Funeral