15 August 2010

Whinge of Pain: The Sequel

Ok, downer time again I am afraid.

I did go to the doctors and Optometrist on Friday. The doctor was a waste of time really - more blood tests, and I had to ask for antibiotics (I've been feeling yuck for a month; it's time for the drugs to do some work).

The Optometrists was... scary. My right eye has (and continues) to bug me - it had started to go blurry and there are a heap of floaters that I can see. Sure enough she could see the floaters, as could her colleague - suddenly she was on the phone to a private eye clinic, and when there were no appointments there, on to Greenlane hospital.

I was pretty much stunned as she told me to urgently go to the eye department there, complete with a referral letter, and 5+ hour wait. The fear was my retina was detaching - and this is serious. Here was me thinking the bad news would be that I needed glasses.

So, I ended up at the hospital around 2:30pm... and saw the doctor at 9pm (finally). After many eye-drops, and bright lights, and mirrored contact lenses so he could see further into my eye, NOTHING was found. No one can see anything but the huge amount of floaters (which must be coming from somewhere). He did see some jelly (ick)... but no tears, and no detachment... yet.

So, I was sent on my merry way with the order to come to the retina clinic in two weeks... or to call if I notice my vision going!

Thankfully, my wonderful wonderful mother cancelled her flight to Christchurch (Dad went), and came and waited with me from 5pm onwards :) And, I ended up staying the whole weekend with her, which was lovely - just want I needed in fact.

So, I just have to deal with a blurry eye that makes me nauseous, and in two weeks they look again...

And folks, tomorrow I report for Jury Duty.

Let's hope this doesn't turn into a trilogy...

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