26 September 2010

Why I should be positive

1. I had a lovely Friday night with my honey - we went to Tanuki's Cave, then saw a movie in a Gold Class cinema.
2. I bought 2 tickets to go see Wolf Gang, for 7th October!
3. The National are coming in Jan 2011!!! I swear I have been listening to all their albums on repeat of weeks.
4. All my blood tests came back normal. That's right folks I am normal. (Which doesn't help answer why my eye is the way it is, but it's a relief nonetheless)
5. I am getting my haircut/styled at an *actual* salon this Friday!
6. My usual hair-guy is still going to do my cheap colour for me on Saturday - so my hair will be all pretty :)
7. My brother has been given my parents' old car, so now our household has transport again.
8. Donuts
9. Had a great Saturday night with friends - Project Runway marathon. The new series is great.
10. Daylight savings has started - losing an hour is horrid, but it means summer is on its way :)

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