22 November 2010

Busy Weekend

What a weekend! It was a good'un.

Friday night was dinner at my one of my fav local Japanese restaurents, Sakanaya http://www.sakanaya.co.nz/). Food and drink was divine as always, the highlight being the dessert we ordered - I hadn't tried it before: Chocolate banana spring rolls with Vanilla Bean icecream, and cream. Heavenly! I have added that to my fav must-orders!

That was followed by a trip to the cinema to see 'Red', which I thoroughly enjoyed; it was entertaining and funny. It was just what I needed after the week.

Saturday was Roller Derby with my bro - the final between Mascara Massacre and Dead Wreckoning. I am a complete fan now; I'll be following it religiously in the new season. The Auckland league here is the Pirate City Rollers (http://piratecityrollers.com/), but there are leagues spreading in other places: Northland Nightmares, HELLmilton Roller Ghouls (Hamilton), Mountain City (New Plymouth), Richter City Roller Derby (Wellington), Dead End Derby (Christchurch).
There were some exciting moments, and some really boring disappointing 'non-skating' moments - not impressed with some of the tactics at all.

Afterwards it was beer and delicious food-on-sticks at Ken's Yakitori (http://www.kenyakitori.co.nz/); great to hang with my brother too. We may flat together, but we hadn't been out like that for a long time.

Sunday I went shopping by myself; knocked a few things off my Xmas list. I had a lovely time browsing, though I bought something in the first shop I went into, and it was crazy heavy!! So I was stuck lugging it the rest of the time.

Today, I spent most the morning at the hospital - it was a follow-up to see if the treatment is working. The good news was: it's not worse than last week... Soooo... I get to keep up the treatment. Down to 15 pills a morning!

Lunch, Niwa (on Lorne Street); their Chicken Teri lunch bento box is fab!

Somewhere in there I've done some work...

Tonight I'm off to see 'The Social Network', which I am really looking forward to!

Not bad for a Monday, not bad at all.

PS: My goal is to be finished ALL Xmas shopping before December 1st

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