15 November 2010

Personal Disclaimer

-start of rant
So, there was this thing a while ago, and it made me think about warning someone - like: "hi, you might want to read this before you get to know me..." or "thank you for your inquiry re: friendship, but before you go any further you had better know this..."

I thought about disclaimers - on websites and with programs.... Why not with people?? so I wrote my own - the disclaimer on this disclaimer is, that it is a work in progress. Maybe.

Personal Disclaimer:
1. Very sensitive - this has pros and cons.
2. Can forgive, but will never forget.
3. Defensive; I get my back up for myself and others.
4. Emotional - the good, and the bad.
5. Stubborn and prideful.
6. Moody - my moods swing.
7. Insecure.
8. Low self-esteem.
9. Stress bunny.
10. Intense.

The Good:
1. Caring.
2. Great friend - I will always be there for you.
3. Thoughtful.
4. Creative/Imaginative.
5. Good sense of humour.
6. Fun, when I'm not being a drag.
7. Listener and advice giver.
8. Helpful, and Supportive.

I wanted to make it 10 all - balance out the bad with the good, but I just can't think of the final two...

When it comes to people, you can have a conversation for hours, but a lot can go unsaid. I've come a long way in sharing my thoughts and feelings - I have found that, depending on the situation or the person, writing is my medium; I can get it all organised on paper. I've done a lot of writing lately, to myself that is. I made the decision that even though I could share what I've written, that it was best kept just for me. Holding some of it back has been hard, but I am waiting (for what exactly I am not sure...)

I wonder how different things would be if we all carried a personal disclaimer... "ah, but you can't be upset - you signed a waiver when you read my disclaimer". Forewarned.
-end of rant

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