18 December 2010

Best of Lists: Top Music Videos of 2010

Pitchfork have compiled their top picks for best music videos of the year. There are a heap of great songs on this list... and I have NEVER seen the videos!

Challenge accepted (I will watch them all!).

Here is the complete list over at Pitchfork (with links to the clips themselves for your viewing pleasure)

I've simply listed them song/artist/director here, and my comments in italics. It looks like they've used alphabetical order (no preferential sorting):

Arcade Fire, Suburbs (Director: Spike Jonze) - loved the story telling of this clip; scary mix of innocence & sinister.

Baths, Lovely Bloodflow (D: Alex Takacs & Joe Nankin) - hauntingly beautiful.

Best Coast, When I'm With You (Director: Pete Ohs)  - too cute!

The Black Keys, Tighten Up (D: Chris Marrs Piliero) - adorable kids & Black Keys. Love sucks hehe.

The Books, I Didn't Know That (D: Nick Zammuto) - cheesy fun, but not really a fan of the 'song'.

Caribou, Odessa (D: Video Marsh)  - weird video. Shot really cool though, & I like the track.

ceo, Come With Me (D: Marcus Söderlund)  - not bad. Concept not that original, but a nice watch.

Das Racist, Who's That? Brooown! (Thomas De Napoli)  - again, not a fan of the song (rap), but the video was awesome - I used to play old school platform video games :) Fun to watch.

Die Antwoord, Zef Side (D: Seem Metelerkamp) - LOL

Duck Sauce, Barbra Streisand (D: So Me) - fun; amusing clip.

El Guincho, Bombay (D: Nicolas Mendez [NSFW]) - so much going on in this one; interesting to watch. I couldn't help but wondering why a topless girl would dance with sparklers so close to her nipples - but, hey, what the hell hehe

Fang Island, Daisy (D: Carlos Charlie Perez) - so much *fun*. Loved this - looks like it's all one shot too. There aren't enough capes in the world.

The Flaming Lips, Powerless (D: Wayne Coyne, George Salisbury) - visually done well, but a little boring I found.

Flying Lotus [ft. Thundercat], MmmHmm (D: Special Problems) - extremely trippy!!

Grinderman, Heathen Child (D: John Hillcoat [NSFW]) - wow... so crazy to watch. Cool bananas.

HEALTH, We Are Water (D: Eric Wareheim [NSFW])

Hot Chip, I Feel Better (D: Peter Serafinowicz)

How to Destroy Angels, The Space in Between (D: Rupert Sanders)

How to Dress Well, Decisions (D: Jamie Harley)

The Hundred in the Hands, Pigeons (D: DANIELS)

Insane Clown Posse, Miracles (D: Paul Andresen)

James Blake, Limit to Your Love (D: Martin de Thurah)

Janelle Monáe [ft. Big Boi], Tightrope (D: Wendy Morgan)

Jonna Lee, iamamiwhoami (D: Viktor Kumlin)

Kanye West, Runaway (D: Kanye West)
Klaxons, Twin Flames (D: Saam Farahmand [NSFW])

Lady Gaga [ft. Beyoncé], Telephone (D: Jonas Åkerlund)

LCD Soundsystem, Drunk Girls (D: Spike Jonze, James Murphy)

Liars, Scissor (D: Andy Bruntel)

Male Bonding, Year's Not Long (D: Vice Cooler)

Massive Attack, Splitting the Atom (D: Edouard Salier)

The Morning Benders, Promises (D: Aaron Brown, Ben Chappell)

Rihanna, Rude Boy (D: Melina Matsoukas)

Röyksopp, Senior Living (D: Noel Paul, Stefan Moore)

She & Him, In the Sun (D: Peyton Reed)

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Bottled in Cork (D: Tom Scharpling)

Vampire Weekend, Giving Up the Gun (D: The Malloys)

Wavves, Post Acid (D: Patrick O'Dell)

Yeasayer, Madder Red (D: Andreas Nilsson)

Zola Jesus, Sea Talk (D: Jacqueline Castel)

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