14 January 2011

The National 13 Jan 2011

The night was a-mazing! I couldn't have asked for a better gig from The National!! To cap it all off, Matt climbed to the mezzanine floor and jumped on the table we were at!!

1. Start A War
2. Anyone's Ghost
3. Baby, We'll Be Fine
4. Bloodbuzz Ohio
5. Secret Meeting
6. Slow Show
7. Afraid Of Everyone
8. Conversation 16
9. Little Faith
10. Abel
11. Apartment Story
12. Sorrow
13. Green Gloves
14. England
15. Fake Empire

16. Mistaken For Strangers
17. Mr. November
18. About Today
19. Terrible Love
20. Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks (Acoustic)

Mobile Photos

I swear it's Matt Berninger- the back of him! He climbed table RIGHT by us 

01 January 2011

DVD Collection

I've been looking online for a while now for a website that allows users to manage their DVD collections. The functionality I want isn't complicated: I simply want a free, web-based organiser, that allows a detailed export, and the ability to mark DVDs as 'on loan'. I haven't found the perfect one yet, but I thought I'd share some of the sites I've looked at:
  • DVD Corral: I've helpfully noted this site as 'crap'.
  • Movie Collector Plus: The export function isn't great (it can export to Excel, but limited fields). Does have a nice 'loan' feature.
  • DVD Aficionado: No export function; Can't mark loans (if you have loaned out to friends).
  • Guru Lib: Nice little site that allows you to manage all collections (DVDs, books, games etc) - just not quite right for me.
  • Veedemus:Simple and effective. DVDs can be marked as 'on loan'; export is limited. You can add your own 'tags', which is cool. Not quite detailed enough for me.
  • DVD Count: System seems a bit buggy. Not right for me.
  • Chasing The Frog: Free; loads of adverts though. Can't mark DVDs 'on loan'.
  • DVD Crate: Again, lots of function; just not quite right.

Google 2011

Movies Seen [2011]

My movie consumption is much lower than what it used to be, but it seems to be on the rise again...

2010=35; 2009= 39; 2008=35; 2007 = 31; 2006 = 23; 2005 = 56

...I still try to keep track by posting them here!

18 Jan: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1.
02 Feb: True Grit
14 Feb: Charade (1963)
16 Feb: Unknown
08 Mar: The King's Speech
11 Mar: Blue Valentine
23 Mar: Red Riding Hood
29 Mar: Rango
30 Mar: I Am Number Four
02 Apr: Paul
04 Apr: Sucker Punch
20 Apr: Scream 4
22 Apr: Fast and Furious 5
29 Apr: Thor 3D
02 May: Source Code
06 May: Your Highness
03 Jun: Hangover 2
04 Jun: Pirates of the Carribean 4
05 Jun: X-Men: First Class
19 Jun: Barney's Version
21 Jun: Bridesmaids
22 Jun: Bad Teacher
26 Jun: Super 8
09-Jul: The Company Men
10-Jul: Transformers 3 (3D)
30-Jul: Mrs Carey's Concert

NZ Film Festival 2011
15-Jul: Elmo
15-Jul: Incendies
15-Jul: Submarine
15-Jul: Meek's Cutoff
15-Jul: 13 Assassins
20-Jul: Take Shelter
20-Jul: La Acacias
22-Jul: Arriety
22-Jul: Jiro Dreams of Sushi
22-Jul: Page One (Story of the New York Times)
23-Jul: Terri
26-Jul: Space Battleship Yamato
26-Jul: Elite Squad 2
28-Jul: Gantz 2 (Perfect Answer)
29-Jul: Melancholia
31-Jul: Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horrors (original film with Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra live)

07-Aug: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (3D)
30-Aug: Priest (3D)
31-Aug: The Help
03-Sep: Crazy Stupid Love
08 Oct: Jane Eyre
26 Oct: Fright Night 3D (remake)
02 Nov: The Thing
11 Nov: Drive
23 Nov: Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1
10 Dec: Immortals (3D)

(On the darkside/down-low: The American, Black Swan, The Town)

Concerts Rocked [2011]

13 Jan: The National @ The Powerstation [Herald Review] [Stuff Review] [My Night]
07 Feb: Sufjan Stevens @ Bruce Mason Centre [My Night]
02 Aug: Modest Mouse @ The Powerstation [Review] [My Night]
04 Nov: Naked and Famous @ Auckland Town Hall [My Night]
10 Nov: PORTISHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ Vector Arena [Review] [My Night]