01 January 2011

DVD Collection

I've been looking online for a while now for a website that allows users to manage their DVD collections. The functionality I want isn't complicated: I simply want a free, web-based organiser, that allows a detailed export, and the ability to mark DVDs as 'on loan'. I haven't found the perfect one yet, but I thought I'd share some of the sites I've looked at:
  • DVD Corral: I've helpfully noted this site as 'crap'.
  • Movie Collector Plus: The export function isn't great (it can export to Excel, but limited fields). Does have a nice 'loan' feature.
  • DVD Aficionado: No export function; Can't mark loans (if you have loaned out to friends).
  • Guru Lib: Nice little site that allows you to manage all collections (DVDs, books, games etc) - just not quite right for me.
  • Veedemus:Simple and effective. DVDs can be marked as 'on loan'; export is limited. You can add your own 'tags', which is cool. Not quite detailed enough for me.
  • DVD Count: System seems a bit buggy. Not right for me.
  • Chasing The Frog: Free; loads of adverts though. Can't mark DVDs 'on loan'.
  • DVD Crate: Again, lots of function; just not quite right.

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