08 February 2011

Sufjan Stevens 07 Feb 2011

Age of Adz Tour

This concert is one I'll never forget! I love Sufjan's music, but that hadn't prepared me for the show he put on. It was amazing and magical and captivating. I took my brother, who vaguely knew the music - he was blown away and is now a huge fan! He took awesome sounds and jammed them out into epic ones :)

1. Seven Swans
2. Too Much
3. Age of Adz
4. Heirloom
5. I Walked
6. Now That I'm Older
7. Futile Devices
8. Get Real Get Right
9. Vesuvius
10. Impossible Soul

11. Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois
12. To Be Alone With You
13. Chicago 

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