08 May 2011

Long time, No blog

It's late/early, and I should be more than just in bed; I should be sound asleep. But I felt like writing a quick note - it's been such a long time since I last wrote! As I type this the wind is howling outside, and the rain is pouring. I love it when I am safe and snuggly inside, while the weather goes wild outside.

Tonight I baked my first ever Banana Cake... And despite a small baking POWDER, baking SODA mishap, it looks great... I just hope it tastes great! It's to be a team effort, as my brother is in charge of the icing. It's in celebration of Mother's Day and my Mum's Birthday tomorrow (well, her actual bday is 10th).

While I did this I watched a new Glee episode and a new Vampire Diaries episode. Both made me cry - one was because of Fleetwood Mac songs (WTF?!), and the other was because of deaths... Oh how it's awesome to be all emotional :P  (I blame them for the aforementioned ingredients mishap).

Ok, I had planned to write more, but my eyes are drooping shut, and I can't be sure anything I am typing is actually English. So, bring on those sweet dreams...

PS: I saw 'Your Highness' last night. Funny, but not as funny as it could've been. They could've done so much more with it.