29 August 2011

RIP Blog, Long Live Twitter?!

It has been aggggeesss since I posted anything good here. Over the years I have kept this thing going - posting random thoughts and tid-bits that amuse me. But lately I have been a bad blogger.

Social Media is huge now... except there isn't more time (just more ways to waste/spent time!). I struggle with Facebook (kinda hate it) - boooooy does it uber-time-suckage.

However, I love twitter (for those of you that still aren't on board, don't quite get it, and file it as narcissistic, read this awesome article: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/03/weekinreview/03carr.html

I do twitter personal bits and pieces (to share with my friends), yet I get to follow news, music, TV, movies, shops etc that I like (plus @DeathStarPR = hilarious!)  - all the info I am interested in, sent to me in 140 character bites. Then I can share that stuff with my followers!

I think my blog has been spluttering along due to my twittering; things I am excited about, I can instantly declare to twitter via my BlackBerry or desktop.

But, here I am, reviving it (slightly). This blog won't die (even if you want it to :P ), it's just sloooowed down!

I plan to write a (proper) post very soon. Just don't hold your breath (so far I have managed to update my movies and concerts).

03 August 2011

Modest Mouse 02 Aug 2011


1. Black Cadillacs
2. 3rd Planet
3. I Came as a Rat
4. Dashboard
5. Bukowski
6. The Whale Song
7. Heart Cooks Brain
8. Invisible
9. Poison the Well
10. Blame It on the Tetons
11. Doin' the Cockroach
12. Dance Hall
13. Float On
14. Wild Packs of Family Dogs
15. Parting of the Sensory

16. Trailer Trash
17. King Rat
18. Dramamine
19. The View

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