29 August 2011

RIP Blog, Long Live Twitter?!

It has been aggggeesss since I posted anything good here. Over the years I have kept this thing going - posting random thoughts and tid-bits that amuse me. But lately I have been a bad blogger.

Social Media is huge now... except there isn't more time (just more ways to waste/spent time!). I struggle with Facebook (kinda hate it) - boooooy does it uber-time-suckage.

However, I love twitter (for those of you that still aren't on board, don't quite get it, and file it as narcissistic, read this awesome article: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/03/weekinreview/03carr.html

I do twitter personal bits and pieces (to share with my friends), yet I get to follow news, music, TV, movies, shops etc that I like (plus @DeathStarPR = hilarious!)  - all the info I am interested in, sent to me in 140 character bites. Then I can share that stuff with my followers!

I think my blog has been spluttering along due to my twittering; things I am excited about, I can instantly declare to twitter via my BlackBerry or desktop.

But, here I am, reviving it (slightly). This blog won't die (even if you want it to :P ), it's just sloooowed down!

I plan to write a (proper) post very soon. Just don't hold your breath (so far I have managed to update my movies and concerts).

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