05 March 2012

Always a hen, never the.. other hen

My friend's Hen's High Tea was lovely. She seemed to really like the 'Survival Kit' I made her. I can't believe I forgot to take some photos before I gave it to her, but here is one from after she opened it (and removed some things already!)

The card I made her (all the papers, hearts etc. matched)

Inside the 'Survival Kit' I ended up with:
2 x face masks, 1 x anti-stress eye treatment, Deodorant, Listerine breath strips, Chocolates, Lipgloss, Nail file, Handcream, Tissues, Nurofen, Mini-vodka and mini-bacardi, Purse hairbrush, Note pad, Condoms and Lube and a Durex 'Play' thingy hehe

(Originally posted: 2/2/2012)
I have my second ever Hens Party to go to, and this time I can just sit back and relax (I organised the first one, complete with five part RSVP!).

This one is a High Tea at the Langham, which I am very excited about (this excites me more than the thought of penis-shaped straws and male strippers).

I've decided to put together a little 'survival kit' together for my friend as her gift.

(Updated 3rd Feb)
So far I have:
+ Mini box of Lindt chocs
+ Cute little lipgloss
+ Listerine Mint Strips (I love those man!)
+ Post-it/Note book (pic below)
+ Mini-packet of 2 nurofen
+ A little hand cream with mini nail file (bargain find at $5 from Farmers)
+ 2 x face mask and a soothing eye treatment (the moisturising kind, not the Mexican wrestler kind)
+ Mini round fold-up hairbrush

I'm going to add:
+ Eye mask and ear plugs for sleeping
+ Printed band-aids (something cute; I'm hoping for hearts, or just clear to be more practical) (update: thinking of getting these ones)
+ Tissue purse pack
+ Mini liquor bottle
+ Something naughty (not sure what yet!)

Any other ideas out there??

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