26 March 2012

Cute as a Button

I've been making sets of mini-cards to give as gifts. I've decided on sets of 6, and I am presenting them in cute little organza gift bags I found at a $2 shop ( 2 for $2). As per my cupcake cards, I have been using Papertrey Ink stamp sets (Tiny Treats Birthday, and Valentines Day), and Kaisercrafts 6x6 paper pads (a great price at Spotlight stores). These aren't terribly creative designs - I'm consistently using 2 sizes of tag punches - but they are easy, fun, and look cute :)

25 March 2012

It's Over

Well, what can I say. I've been in a relationship for 2.5 years. Last month I asked for a one month break... I did a lot of thinking and emotional angsting. I was coming to the conclusion that I had to break it off when he wrote me a poem. A fricken poem (ed: that kind of gesture if right up my alley). He did make a rather glaring mistake in his poem -- glaring because he referred to the wrong something; the right something was a personal interest I had explained to him, and he clearly forgot. Still, it was a poem written to me.

We saw each other a few times during the break, the last being for dinner and a movie. It was ok, fine, nice - all those boring adjectives. Because, after everything, he should've been on first date behaviour; it was a chance to show me he wanted me. It was not the time to be dropping balls.

Friday night I had been drinking, he was texting me - he asked me to coffee the next day. I text back: "I don't know, I don't think we were meant to be together, but I miss you". The booze gave me some dutch courage to breath the truth; I knew exactly what I was doing. When he didn't reply after a few hours, I called him. His demeanor on the phone made it clear he didn't want to talk. As soon as we hung up I burst out crying -- I knew right then it was over. Without a doubt.

I thought to myself: I need to meet with him to let him know my feelings...

I didn't get the chance for that, because my 38 year old boyfriend of 2.5 years emailed me. EMAILED ME. And the email he sent was: cold, heartless, uncaring, selfish, immature, and down right mean. He talked of never wanting to see me again and that he was "unfriending" me and my family on facebook (ed: it's like we're in high school and have been in a 'serious relationship' for 3 days!!).

It's both harder and easier now - his email made it easier to know it was over over OVER. But it's harder knowing how uncaring... how thoughtless... harder knowing that I wasn't worth anything to him.

Now I can move on. One step at a time. F*ck you motherf*ckeeeeeerrrrrr.

RIP, 24th March 2012

16 March 2012

Not All Poetry Rhymes

I've had a couple of poems written for me before, or about me I should say. The idea of poetry is sweet and romantic.
The other day I got my first *real* poem. And it confused me, made me emotional, turned me upside down, put me back to square one. Should a poem change anything/everything?
I miss Him. I want the poem to change things... Surely it means something... Sigh.

15 March 2012


Take the Lego Minifigure Monster Quiz here!

09 March 2012

Ryan Adams 08 Mar 2012

(UPDATED 11 March)

Ryan Adams played The Civic Theatre last night - he was awesomesauce!

Review by Stuff.co.nz:
There's a lot of modern-day folklore surrounding Ryan Adams. He's grumpy, he's dark, he's depressing. If you believe the rumours, he's thrown people out if his shows for talking, drinking or asking him to play Summer of '69.

But going on last night's outing at The Civic in Auckland, that is all rubbish.

Adams has been here before, a couple of times. And always with a band and a new attitude. This time there was no band; just the man, a guitar, piano if he chose, and that voice.

It should have been a true hallelujah moment, edge-of-your-seat hushed beauty, as Adams marked his return to the stage after years off struggling with the debilitating Meniere's disease. But he ruined that. He ruined it by being in a chatty, charming, engaging mood.

More than the music, he was fun and the banter was almost better than the songs. He retold recent tales of hotel jackhammers, gym outings with a man who resembled 'Robert de Niro as a hawk' and sang an utterly brilliant song about his cat.

When you strip away the myth of the man, you are left with something quite brilliant. Of course he is a wonderful song-writer, but alone on that stage it is Adams' voice that stuns.

With the opening lines of Sweet Carolina ringing out in the theatre, no-one dared move - all that could be heard was that voice and the squeaking of its owner's chair.

That reverence stayed the same over the next two hours as the one-time bad-boy of alt-country journeyed through his extensive back catalogue, right back to the song 16 from his Whiskeytown days, through to last year's return to form Ashes and Fire.

He got lively for English Girls Approximately, he stripped it back for New York, New York, he induced goose bumps with Come Pick Me Up, he finished on Alice In Chains' Nutshell.

Adams was a man in perfect voice, who wanted to have fun and seemed genuinely happy to be back on the stage singing the songs people adore. It seems it might be time for a new folklore to be written.

  1. Oh My Sweet Carolina
  2. Ashes and Fire
  3. If I Am a Stranger (Ryan Adams & The Cardinals cover)
  4. Dirty Rain
  5. My Winding Whee;
  6. The Rescue Blues
  7. Please Do Not Let Me Go
  8. Do I Wait
  9. Firecracker
  10. Everybody Knows
  11. Dear Chicago
  12. Sylvia Plath
  13. Let It Ride (Ryan Adams & The Cardinals cover)
  14. English Girls Approximately
  15. Improv Song: Robert DeNiro as a Hawk
  16. Chains of Love
  17. 16 Days (Whiskeytown song)
  18. Lucky Now
  19. Mr Cat
  20. New York, New York
  21. Two
  22. Come Pick Me Up
  23. Encore: Nutshell (Alice in Chains cover) 

No photos were to be taken, so I only got a crappy one at the very end


05 March 2012

Cry About It

Always a hen, never the.. other hen

My friend's Hen's High Tea was lovely. She seemed to really like the 'Survival Kit' I made her. I can't believe I forgot to take some photos before I gave it to her, but here is one from after she opened it (and removed some things already!)

The card I made her (all the papers, hearts etc. matched)

Inside the 'Survival Kit' I ended up with:
2 x face masks, 1 x anti-stress eye treatment, Deodorant, Listerine breath strips, Chocolates, Lipgloss, Nail file, Handcream, Tissues, Nurofen, Mini-vodka and mini-bacardi, Purse hairbrush, Note pad, Condoms and Lube and a Durex 'Play' thingy hehe

(Originally posted: 2/2/2012)
I have my second ever Hens Party to go to, and this time I can just sit back and relax (I organised the first one, complete with five part RSVP!).

This one is a High Tea at the Langham, which I am very excited about (this excites me more than the thought of penis-shaped straws and male strippers).

I've decided to put together a little 'survival kit' together for my friend as her gift.

(Updated 3rd Feb)
So far I have:
+ Mini box of Lindt chocs
+ Cute little lipgloss
+ Listerine Mint Strips (I love those man!)
+ Post-it/Note book (pic below)
+ Mini-packet of 2 nurofen
+ A little hand cream with mini nail file (bargain find at $5 from Farmers)
+ 2 x face mask and a soothing eye treatment (the moisturising kind, not the Mexican wrestler kind)
+ Mini round fold-up hairbrush

I'm going to add:
+ Eye mask and ear plugs for sleeping
+ Printed band-aids (something cute; I'm hoping for hearts, or just clear to be more practical) (update: thinking of getting these ones)
+ Tissue purse pack
+ Mini liquor bottle
+ Something naughty (not sure what yet!)

Any other ideas out there??


I am currently obsessed with a cupcake stamp that came in a Paper Tray Ink set (ed: I love cupcakes themselves - celebrating them in card form is far less fattening than eating them!). The cupcake is cute, and in this case, girlie. I don't make a lot of 'girlie' cards, but I am loving pink at the mo.

These simple tags look adorable (if I do say so myself):

From here they could be used for anything, and embellished further. I chose to use them for the front of a mini-card:

I'm on a production-line-roll at the moment. Cupcake a go-go! I am experimenting with other pattened papers (the above is from Kaisercrafts 'Miss Nelly' 6x6 pad). I am thinking that I will make sets of 4 or 6 different cards, and put them in gift boxes to give to friends as presents. Watch this space :)

02 March 2012

Death Cab For Cutie 29 Feb 2012

Sarah and I had an awesome time in Wellington at the DCFC concert, Wednesday 29th February. Here is their playlist:

1. A Lack Of Color (Transatlanticism)
2. I Will Possess Your Heart (Narrow Stairs)
3. Crooked Teeth (Plans)
4. We Laugh Indoors (The Photo Album)
5. Photobooth (Forbidden Love)
6. Doors Unlocked and Open (Codes and Keys)
7. Long Division (Narrow Stairs)
8. Grapevine Fires (Narrow Stairs)
9. Codes and Keys (Codes and Keys)
10. What Sarah Said (Plans)
11. I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Plans)
12. Title Track (We Have the Facts And We're Voting Yes)
13. You Are a Tourist (Codes and Keys)
14. The New Year (Transatlanticism)
15. Company Calls (We Have the Facts And We're Voting Yes)
16. Soul Meets Body (Plans)
17. Cath... (Narrow Stairs)
18. We Looked Like Giants (Transatlanticism)
19. Marching Bands Of Manhattan (Plans)
20. Home Is a Fire (Codes and Keys)
21. Title And Registration (Transatlanticism)
22. A Movie Script Ending (The Photo Album)
23. Transatlanticism (Transatlanticism)

 Mobile Photos:

Tickets arrive :)

 Death Cab


After gig 'thirst quenchers'...