02 March 2012

Death Cab For Cutie 29 Feb 2012

Sarah and I had an awesome time in Wellington at the DCFC concert, Wednesday 29th February. Here is their playlist:

1. A Lack Of Color (Transatlanticism)
2. I Will Possess Your Heart (Narrow Stairs)
3. Crooked Teeth (Plans)
4. We Laugh Indoors (The Photo Album)
5. Photobooth (Forbidden Love)
6. Doors Unlocked and Open (Codes and Keys)
7. Long Division (Narrow Stairs)
8. Grapevine Fires (Narrow Stairs)
9. Codes and Keys (Codes and Keys)
10. What Sarah Said (Plans)
11. I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Plans)
12. Title Track (We Have the Facts And We're Voting Yes)
13. You Are a Tourist (Codes and Keys)
14. The New Year (Transatlanticism)
15. Company Calls (We Have the Facts And We're Voting Yes)
16. Soul Meets Body (Plans)
17. Cath... (Narrow Stairs)
18. We Looked Like Giants (Transatlanticism)
19. Marching Bands Of Manhattan (Plans)
20. Home Is a Fire (Codes and Keys)
21. Title And Registration (Transatlanticism)
22. A Movie Script Ending (The Photo Album)
23. Transatlanticism (Transatlanticism)

 Mobile Photos:

Tickets arrive :)

 Death Cab


After gig 'thirst quenchers'...

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