02 April 2012

Easter Basket raffle

This Thursday at work we're having a Easter morning tea; hot cross buns on the company. Yum! I was going to help brighten up the bar and grill area - decorations etc. Our lovely receptionist had the idea to save the decoration money, and instead put together an awesome Easter basket that could be raffled, with the proceeds going to our charity of choice!

We had a blast on Friday last week buying up nothing-but-chocolate. The only downside to spending someone else's money on chocolate was knowing that we couldn't keep it!

This morning I put all our treats together in a lovely basket, with real Champagne and an adorable soft toy bunny. It took a while to arrange all the chocolate so it not only looked good, but so that most of it was visible (to tempt potential raffle-goers hehe). Being the geek that I am, I took some pretty bad camera-phone photos as I went :)

I started out with a 'blank slate' (and over $200 worth of prizes!)...

Next I added some colourful tissue paper (looks cute and most importantly, helped me to arrange everything!). The rainbow tissue paper I got for a bargain ($3)

Putting the various shapes and sizes of chocolate, along with a huge tin of drinking chocolate, a soft toy bunny ('Brucie Big Foot Bunny), and a bottle of Champagne took a bit of time and rearranging!

Lastly, wrapping it all up! The yellow colour distorts everything a little, but it still looks cute :)

Here's a few close-ups:
I stuck little chick chocolates on the outside, on the bow, and all around the inside hehe. I also used cute little Easter card-board gift boxes inside (I put eggs inside them, along with tissue paper and pink paper-grass)

Brucie the Bunny!

There is soooo much chocolate. Seriously, the person that opens it will find little choco eggs everywhere hehe

I've bought myself 2 tickets (so far!), and I am going to talk my brother into getting some too (if either of us win, both of us win really!)

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