27 June 2012

Neglecting the blog once more

Well, I've been MIA again! There have been times when I have definitely wanted to write something... but I didn't quite have the will-power to follow through!

So, here is a hodge-podge of things that amuse me - though, they may not amuse you :P

1. I am exhausted. Early starts, crap sleeps, hormones; the whole sha-bang. Last night I was desperate for a good night's sleep.
It seemed like I got to sleep okay - bedroom door closed, ear-plugs in. Then at 1:44am I heard the strangest noises. It was enought to wake me up. Rustling... weird bumps... But by the time I took my ear-plugs out it was silence. There is a whole process when you are being pulled from sleep, through the different levels of awareness - kind of like 'Inception' haha.
I rolled over to look around my room... and there was the cat, staring at me! Turns out she had climbed into my wardrobe (over luggage, plastic bags etc.), gone to sleep, then decided it was time to go prowling. So, of course she had to jump back over all the junk and push the wardrobe door open (hence the noise). Then I had to let her out of my room! Bye-Bye sleepy-time.

2. I must update my time management post. I got obsessed with another one called: 'Vampires vs. Zombies'. Simple although wacky concept, and some surprisingly tough levels (I make it my goal to get the top/gold for every level). I've got a couple of new ones to try too.

3. Pinterest! Pinterest pinterest pinterest pinterest pinterest pinterest pinterest pinterest. Pinterest pinterest.
My pinterest is here

4. After a brief forray into other lip glosses, I have found my way back to Soap & Glory's 'Sexy Mother Pucker' - it really is fantastic. Saying that, I have a sample of Urban Decay's Lip Junkie lip gloss and it's pretty awesome... I am lip gloss junkie afterall!

5. Winter is well and truly here. I recently learnt that my friend, Danielle, hates winter with a passion. She is trying hard to not be negative about it.... to the extent that she has put up her christmas tree. Yes my dears, her christmas tree is up in June! In NZ christmas is in the summer... Anyways, it's things like this that make me love my friends even more!

5a. Winter, though I don't love it, isn't really a problem for me. Sure, I compl;ain when it's cold and wet like everybody else, but I don't hate it either. Winter to me means the New Zealand Film Festival, my birthday, my little little bro's birthday, fluffy PJs, scarfs, and soup!
My favourite seasons, simply because of the weather, are the inbetween seasons: not too hot or too cold.

6. After an extended break away from creative writing with my online friends, I am back! I hadn't written a word of fiction (unless you count some of my work emails ha!) since November last year. It is so great to get back into it, and to have that outlet once more. One of these days I WILL start writing my own story (not one based on someone else's characters).. Actually, starting often isn't the hard part - it's finishing the story that is!

7. Filed under 'The Internet Can Still Surprise You': I've been using the website Goodreads for a few years now. Sometime in mid-2011 I got a friend request to add someone on Goodreads. I didn't know the person, but I read their bio and I thought: we probably have stuff in common, she's in NZ, what's the harm?
So, we became friends on Goodreads. Over the months we'd now and then comment on each others books - especially if one of us had already read the book in question.
In November 2011, we started messaging each other through our inboxes on Goodreads. May 2012 she asked if she could add me on Facebook. From there, we started emailing each other - and boy did we have stuff in common (a crazy amount).
It's just kind of awesome, the risks of the internet aside, to meet someone that could become a friend. It can be really hard to meet anyone new these days - for any sort of relationship. But the fact that Kim and I have never met, but can be friends, is magical! And I am pretty sure we will meet in-person :)

8. I finally bought an exercise bike. It is currently in its box, waiting to be assembled (which I'm hoping my brother will do for me). I have a goal though - to have lost enough weight in 3 months, that when the doctor weighs me at my next appointment, she will be impressed! Obviously, the first priority is to impress myself - I am not happy with the state my body is in, and it's about time I took some action to change that :)

NZFF 2012

Yes, it is that favourite time of the year again: the New Zealand International Film Festival. So excited!

What follows is my 'long-list' (as I still need to bring it down to a short-list!).  I'll be editing it with comments, imdb links, and NZ releases dates to help whittle the list down some. Of course, the times they are screening and the cost will have to be taken into consideration too (unfortunately, though I plan to take a few days off work and pack 3 or so films into each day!)

$ = tickets bought!
^ = will watch

(Updated/Edited: 30 July 2012)

NZFF 2012

1 Beasts of Southern Wild (USA 2012, Drama) - No NZ release date but Aus gets it Sep 2012
2$  Holy Motors (France/Germany 2012, Drama) - No NZ release date but Aus gets it Aug 2012
3$  Moonrise Kingdom (USA 2012, Comedy, Drama, Romance) - NZ release 30 Aug 2012
4$   No (Chile/USA/Mexico 2012, Drama) - No release dates listed yet
5$  Hitchcock's Blackmail, with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra Live (UK 1929, Crime, Thriller)
6.   The Shining (USA 1980, Drama, Horror, Mystery) - special release
                          Would love to see this on the big screen, but in light of saving $$, will just re-rent it
7^   A Monster in Paris (France 2011, Animation, Adventure, Comedy) - No Aus/NZ release date listed yet
8^   From Up on Poppy Hill (Japan 2011, Animation, Drama) - No Aus or NZ date. Released in Japan Ju
9$  The Hunt (Denmark/Sweden 2012, Drama) - Not released internationall until late 2012 - early 2013
10.  Bernie (USA 2011, Comedy, Crime, Drama)- release date: None, but Aus gets it Aug 2012
11.  Liberal Arts (USA 2012,Comedy, Drama)- release date: None, but Aus gets it Oct 2012
12.  On the Road (France/Brazil 2012, Adventure, Drama) - NZ release 13 Sep 2012
13$ Your Sister's Sister (USA 2011, Comedy, Drama) - NZ release 11 Oct 2012
14.  Killer Joe (USA 2011, Comedy, Crime, Thriller) - No Aus/NZ release date listed yet
15^ Rampart (USA 2011, Crime, Drama) - No Aus/NZ release date listed yet
16^ Sleepless Night (France/Belgium/Luxembourg 2011, Action, Thriller) - No Aus/NZ release date listed
17^ Crazy Horse (France/USA 2011, Documentary)- No Aus/NZ release date listed yet
18$ Side By Side (USA 2012. Documentary) - No release dates listed yet
19.  Room 237: Being an Inquiry into The Shining in 9 Parts (USA 2012, Documentary, Horror) - limited
20.  West of Memphis (New Zealand 2012, Documentary) - No Aus/NZ dates yet
21^  Marley (USA/UK 2012, Documentary, Bio) - No NZ release date yet, but Aus gets it Jun 2012
22^  Klown (Denmark 2010, Comedy) - Mo NZ/Aus release date listed. Opened in Denmark, 2010.
                    Will try to rent/buy this as it's older
23$ The Cabin in the Woods (USA 2011, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller) - Will go straight to DVD in NZ
24$  Le Tableau (France/Belgium 2011, Animation) - limited release dates listed.
25^ This Might Be The Place (Italy/France/Ireland 2011, Comedy, Drama) - No NZ release date but Aus got it Apr 2012

Spontaneous viewing
26$ Amour (France/Germany/Austria 2012, Drama) - Palme d'Or 2012 for director/writer Michael Haneke. Translation for title = Love... and this was such a sad love story.

06 June 2012

Time Management Games: Youda Sushi Chef

Yes, I looove time management games. Time Management games are games in which you perform a series of tasks or processes as quickly as possible e.g. manage/cook/serve at a restaurant, stock/run a supermarket, babysit, manage a hotel, build/decorate houses. When I finish a TMG I love, I Google trying to find more like it. Also, when I say 'finish', I mean get the gold/expert score on every single level!

Today's game is...

... Youda Sushi Chef

This is one of my all-time FAVOURITE time management game. I hope they make a sequel! There are 6 different restaurants to complete, and a huge menu selection of sushi to create. I loved that ingredients had to be ordered in before they ran out (adds to the challenge). 

Build your own Sushi restaurant emporium and become an authentic Sushi Chef. Youda Sushi Chef lets you become a sushi expert as you upgrade your restaurant and learn new recipes. Decorate and design your restaurant, perform great knife tricks, and serve delicious sake to keep your customer's happy while they wait. String together amazing combos in this exciting Time Management Game and master the art of sushi!

- Beautiful art, Upgradeable restaurants, Become a Sushi Chef!

Play it free online here

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