01 November 2012

Halloween 2012

I love Halloween and all things spooky. I don't normally celebrate it in any official way as it's not a big thing in NZ like it is in, say, USA. Also, I can be lazy!

This year was to be no different. I was in a $2 store getting some craft supplies for card-making, when I saw their Halloween stand. So, I bought myself some dangling flashing jack-o-lantern earrings (as you do hehe).

At another store my brother and I found this really cool bright orange plastic spiderweb dish, perfect for trick-or-treater candy...

Another visit to the $2 store, saw me buy a couple of plastic jack-o-lantern containers...

Then suddenly Halloween happened at our house! I had now acquired a few decorations, halloween-inspired food, DIY labels, containers and cups... and invited my friend Sarah over to join in the fun (I had also invited my parents, but they couldn't make it unfortunately). It was never meant to be a party... but the three of us had fun!

I DEFINITELY have to do this on a BIGGER scale next year - either for my birthday, or for Halloween 2013... or, hey, BOTH!

Please excuse the crappy cell-phone pictures... and the lack of composition hehe You'll get the general idea though. Happy Halloween!

Welcome to our humble abode ('Beware' tape, and a 'Happy Halloween' sign on the door')

Trick-or-treat candy corner (as per the other 4/5 years, we didn't have a single visitor! At least we were prepared)

Eye balls and Worms/Snakes! mmmm ($2 store glass containers, chocolate eye balls, gummy snakes and worms, DIY printed labels)


Super-excited to find that Cadbury put out a Halloween creme egg! Sceme Egg mmm


Next came the beverages - Witches Brew for Sarah and I (aka Sav Blanc!) and Spider Venom for Rich (aka L&P soda). DIY printable labels :)


I decided Sarah and I required special 'chalices' for drinking our Witches Brew in... (note my 'halloween' nail polish)

Nibbles: Vomit and Crispy skin

Now it was time to enjoy!

We watched 'The Cabin in the Woods' (loved it just as much on the second watch!), and had dinner: Pus & Blood, with Toxic Weeds, aka...

And as if we weren't fill enough, there was Halloween inspired dessert too!


I got Sarah two treats. First was a chocolate ghost mmm

And the second was... see if you can guess hehe

Muwhahahaha xoxo

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