17 January 2013

Band Of Horses 16 Jan 2013

BOH rocked the Powerstation in Auckland last night (ED: review here)! This was my second time seeing them, and I was just as amazed as the first time.

Here is the setlist (put together using this photo of the setlist - first photo, as I am useless at remembering song titles!):

1. Ode to LRC
2. NW Apt.
3. Feud
4. Is There a Ghost
5. Weed party
6. Too Soon
7. Long Vows
8. Infinite Arms
9. Laredo
10. Motor
11. Older
12. Marry Song
13. (Instrumental)
14. Everything's Gonna Be Undone
15. Compliments
16. Knock Knock
17. Writers
18. Funeral

19. No One
20. Snow Song
21. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
22. Am I a Good Man ('Them Two' cover)

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