15 January 2013

January 2013

We are half way through the first month of the New Year. After two relaxing weeks off week I am now in my second week of being back at work.

  • I've kicked my morning 'V can' a day habit. It's been a week since my last morning 'V'. That may seem too soon, but I'm calling it! 'V' will now be reserved for a once and when 'I'm-so-tired-I-need-a-pick-me-up'.
  • The new habit... No Doz. Calling it a habit may be a bit extreme, but I need my caffeine!!! I've learnt my lesson and now read packets much more carefully! (from my twitter: Stopped drinking my 1 daily V. 250ml V has 77mg caffeine. No-Doz has 100mg. I thought it said 10mg... I had 3... 300mg caffeine.)
  • Yay for being spontaneous - on the fly I purchased concert tickets for Weezer (last Friday night - bloody AWESOME gig), and Alabama Shakes (playing tonight! Bought tickets yesterday and just heard today that they are sold out!)
  • Caught up with my friend Alex while she was over from the UK. Fantastic to chat and laugh and just hang-out; I miss her! Great NYE spent together.
  • This year is the Year of the New Job - last day 5th Feb. First day 11th Feb!

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