02 January 2013

Time Management Games: Royal Envoy

Yes, I looove time management games. Time Management games are games in which you perform a series of tasks or processes as quickly as possible e.g. manage/cook/serve at a restaurant, stock/run a supermarket, babysit, manage a hotel, build/decorate houses. When I finish a TMG I love, I Google trying to find more like it. Also, when I say 'finish', I mean get the gold/expert score on every single level!

Today's game is...

... Royal Envoy: Collector's Edition
 This game was right up my alley - loved it. The different buildings are great - they can be upgraded etc. Also, to collect money, tax-collectors have to be hired. As for the 'collector's edition', I'm not really concerned about behind-the-scenes stuff. The good news is, there is a sequel! I managed to play the sequel first: my post on it is here

Take the King's challenge! Save the wonderful land of countless islands from the merciless forces of nature. Construct and upgrade homes and buildings for the island citizens and become the chief city planner of marvelous Islandshire in this fun Resource Management game. Think your way to triumph in this challenging and mesmerizing game of pirates, treasure and hot-air balloon adventures in Royal Envoy!

- The Collector’s Edition includes: Hours of bonus gameplay, Magnificent wallpapers, Animated screensaver, Built-in Strategy Guide, and Behind the scenes Making-of.

Download a free one hour trial here

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