19 February 2013

Farewell Old Job

My last day at my old job was Tuesday 5th February. After 6.5 years it was time to leave. It's worth noting that it was a hard decision at first - the recruiter found me from LinkedIn and called me, so I just went along with an 'I have nothing to lose' attitude.

She'd called me right when everything was going to sh*t: I've worked on 2 projects over 4 years, both for new databases... the 1st never happened and I trooped on. The 2nd project will happen... it was really close to happening until our Aus office put on the brakes. I was frustrated and furious! Then I got the call from the recruiter...

The more I went through the interview process, the more I realised I wanted the new job - I didn't want to lose that job to someone else! The company, a charity, is awesome (I've worked for a charity before), and the role was amazing (the unused database already in place can be replaced with a new one if I recommend it so; finally some respect). And, more money - the kind of money I had been aiming for at my old job, but was only inching towards year by year.

Here's a little of my farewell in photos:

The receptionist at work hosted an afternoon tea for me at her house :) Below is her amazing angel food cake.

To my absolute surprise and delight, one of the franchise offices sent me a good luck bottle of bubbly!!

My boss took me, and six other girls out to lunch. It was my choice, so I picked Kermadec. For my entree I had crispy squid (pictured below), followed by Hapuka, then Creme Brulee (with poached strawberries, caramel popcorn, and lemon sorbet, pictured).

I got lots of lovely gifts from others, and more cake! And of course the giant card signed by all.

I left. Yes, I was sad... mainly to not be working with those that were now friends. But I was also excited to be going to a new job :)

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