21 February 2013

Garbage 20 Feb 2013

No one was left sitting in their seats at the Civic last night - I had thought it a strange venue for such a big rock band... But Shirley got everyone on their feet, and the Civic only got more magical!


1. Automatic Systematic Habit
2. Queer
3. Blood for Poppies
4. Push It
5. Metal Heart
6. Control
7. Why Do You Love Me
8. #1 Crush
9. Only Happy When It Rains
10. Milk
11. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)
12. I Hate Love
13. When I Grow Up
14. Man on a Wire
15. The Trick Is to Keep Breathing
16. I Think I'm Paranoid
17. Vow
18. You Look So Fine

19. Special
20. Stupid Girl
21. Beloved Freak

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