05 March 2013

Here are a few of my favourite things

Over a year ago I made this list of beauty products that I love.

I've decided to redo this because everyone always says "Michelle, you look a-mazing" (no, they don't really), and I often get asked "Where do I get that?!" (not often, more like once in a blue moon).  They say to me "Wow, you have great taste!" (not so much). They (Sarah) say to me all the time (once last week) "Where do you find out about all these products?!". So, here are my absolute favs - the ones I stock up on, the ones I have to ship to a friend in London who then on-sends them to me because the website won't ship to NZ!

Basically, I'm someone who sees a great marketing campaign ('best mascara in the WORLD') and pretty much falls for it. A friend recommends something to me, and I buy it, no questions (well, not many). I'm THAT girl. So, it's a lot of trial and error. I tend to trial a product because of reviews/marketing/recommendations, and if I like it I will try something else by the same brand.

Every week (more like randomly, when I feel like it AND have the time) I will add another product, referenced here in this list.

(My skin: Fair colouring, Normal - though prone to both dry and oily areas, Hormonal break-outs usually around my chin/neck, Dark under-eye, in my thirties so some anti-aging concerns)

01. Favourite Nail Polish
02. Favourite Eyeshadow Primer
03. Favourite Lip Gloss
04. Favourite Concealor and Under Eye Products (Moved on!)
05. Favourite Mascara
06. Favourite Body Lotions and Creams
07. More Favourite Concealers
08. Favourite Skincare Products (Moved on!)
09. For New Zealanders: Getting elf products shipped to NZ
10. Favourite Facial Exfoliator (Moved on!)
11. Favourite Hair Products (Moved on!)
12. Favourite BB Cream
13. New Skincare... Eve Lom
14. Smashbox Makeup
15. Favourite Hair Serum
16. Coming Soon... 

What are some of your favourite beauty products? Comment :)

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