05 March 2013

One Month...

At the end of this week, I will have been in my new job for 4 weeks- one month. That seems unreal to me! Blink and it will be 6 months.. a year...

This month also marks one year since a certain d*ckhead removed himself from my life. Yay me? Again, the fact that it has been a YEAR seems amazing to me... 12 months... There may be no new love on the horizon, but I am... gawd, dare I say it.... 'happy'!

I don't live in some blissful stupor, but things are going just fine. Work, play, all that jazz. I'm on a pathway to a better place for myself, and it feels like 'things' are paying off now.

I am usually loathe to admit things like this (my silly theory being: the gods take notice and screw it up for a laugh). Right now I'm going with that whole: happy attracts happy. Good attracts good.

Here are some updates in picture format :)

Shirley Manson, being a goddess at the Garbage concert

Art work in the 'lobby' of my work (there isn't really a lobby so much as a doorway).

Phoebe, my baby cat

Derby is baaaack!

New sandals, from Briarwood outlet sale (yay!)

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